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    Pre-registration for Surgery and Procedures

    Patients who are prepared emotionally and physically for surgery and invasivse procedure usually have a quicker recovery and a more positive outcome.

    Understanding your registration, pre-admission, admission and discharge from the hospital are important aspects of this process.

    The first phase of your health care experience at CPMC is the nurse screening process. After the screening, the nurse will transfer your call to the Patient Access Center for the registration portion as needed.

    Please have these items available when you pre-register and whenever you come to the hospital for services:

    • Your insurance card or information
    • Your insurance prior authorization for your surgery or procedure
    • Your durable power of attorney for healthcare
    • Your current medication list

    Pre-registration for Surgery

    Unless this is an emergency situation, all surgical services require pre-admission, registration, and screening with a nurse.

    Please call the Pre-Admission Testing Department at 415-600-2500, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Friday, one to two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery or procedure.

    The nurse takes a brief medical history and will also review the admission process with you for the day of your surgery.

    After the screening, the nurse will transfer your call to the Patient Access Center for the registration portion if necessary. Please be sure to have your insurance card information ready when you begin.

    Admission to the Hospital

    Patients are required to arrive 1 1/2 hours prior to their scheduled surgery time and check in with the admitting office or the surgery desk. The nursing staff will assign each patient a pre-surgery preparation room.

    • You are are given a surgical gown to wear
    • Personal belongings are tagged and bagged
    • Valuables are placed in safekeeping
    • An arm-band with your name and medical record number is placed on your wrist
    If you are being admitted to the hospital for a same day procedure or inpatient admission, we suggest that you do not bring:
    • any electrical devices, such as razor, portable TV, radio.
    • jewelry
    • large amounts of money
    If you are spending the night, you may want to bring:
    • a small amount of cash. No more than $10 or $20 dollars.
    • your toothbrush and toothpaste
    • your hair brush or comb
    • slippers
    • reading glasses
    • reading material, books, magazines, crossword puzzle books

    Ambulatory surgical units are located at:
    • California Campus West- 3700 California St.
    • Pacific Campus - 2351 Clay St., 6th floor
    • Davies Campus - Castro & Duboce
    • St. Luke's Campus - 3555 Cesar Chavez St.

    Preparing for Surgery

    Every surgery requires both psychological and physical preparation. Depending on your type of surgery, you may need to prepare in different ways, but the basic standards for physical preparation are:

    • Do not eat or drink anything within 6 hours of your surgery, test or procedure. This includes coffee, water, hard candy, and chewing gum, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. You need to have an empty stomach in order to be sedated safely.
    • No alcohol for 24 hours
    • No smoking before surgery
    • No medication of any kind unless approved by your surgeon

    Your Discharge Home

    When it is time to leave the hospital, your attending physician will write a discharge order.

    The attending physician and discharge nurse will provide you with instructions regarding your post-hospital care, diet and activities. A friend, family member or private transportation service is required to take all patients home after a surgical procedure.

    Hospital staff will escort you and help you into the transportation vehicle. Discharge medication can be purchased at the outpatient pharmacy of the patients choice.

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