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    Services for Disabled Patients & Visitors

    Policy Statement: California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is committed to high-quality, accessible services. This includes ensuring that patients with disabilities have the same access to our facilities and services as patients without disabilities.

    Accessible Parking

    California Campus
    Parking lot locations

    • 3838 California Street
    • 3838 California St
    • 460 Cherry Street
    • 3905 Sacramento Street.
    Wheelchair access through entrance at the corner of Maple and California Streets.
    Davies Campus
    Parking lot location
    • 45 Castro Street
    Wheelchair access through entrance at the Castro and Duboce.
    Pacific Campus
    Parking lot locations
    • Clay Street Lot at the corner of Clay and Webster Streets
    • 2100 Webster Street
    The entrances at 2333 Buchanan and 2100 Webster St. are wheelchair accessible.
    St. Luke's Campus
    Parking lot locations
    • San Jose Ave and Duncan Street
    • 3555 Cesar Chavez (Cesar Chavez: Cross street - Valencia) Building Entrance
    • Monteagle Medical Center (1580 Valencia: Cross street - Duncan) Building Entrance, Wheelchair
      Access at 1580 Valencia

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    Accessible Shuttle Service

    For accessible shuttle service, call the main hospital number - 415-600-6000.

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    Accesible Entrances (Wheelchair Access)

    California Campus (see also Directions & Maps for California Campus)

    • Corner of Maple and California Street.,
    • Corner of Cherry and California Street
    • Corner of Cherry and Sacramento Streets.
    Davies Campus (see also Directions & Maps for Davies Campus)
    • 45 Castro at corner of Castro and Duboce Streets
    • North Tower, main entrance
    Pacific Campus (see also Directions & Maps for Pacific Campus)
    • 2333 Buchanan Street
    • 2100 Webster Street
    St. Luke's Campus (see also Directions & Maps for St Luke's Campus)
    • Emergency Services at 27th Street and San Jose Ave
    • Monteagle Medical Center at 1580 Valencia: Cross street: Duncan)

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    Assistance for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Assistive Listening Systems

    • For American Sign Language Interpreter Services, call your medical provider
    • For Assistive Listening Systems (Pocket Talkers), call your medical provider
    • For an Amplified Telephone Handset, call your medical provider

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    Assistance for People Who are Blind or Have Visual Impairments

    For Braille, Large Print or Audio Format services, call your medical provider.
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    Assistance for People Who Have Speech Impairments

    For American Sign Language Interpreter Services, call your medical provider.
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    Accesible Equipment

    • For assistive listening devices (“pocket talker”) call your medical provider
    • For Amplified Telephone Handset call your medical provider
    • For Lift Equipment call your medical provider

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    Wheel Chair Users

    To request an EZ Lift at California, Davies or Pacific Campus, call your medical provider

    Wheelchair Accessible Shuttle at California and Pacific Campuses only
    Service is Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding holidays.

    California Campus
    Service from Cherry Street Garage – 460 Cherry Street – To all buildings at the California Campus including 3698 California Street, 3700 California Street, 3838 California Street, 3801 Sacramento Street, 3905 Sacramento Street.
    For pick-up, call 600-6000 ext. 25330.

    Pacific Campus
    Service from Clay Webster Garage – 2405 Clay Street to all Buildings at Pacific Campus including 2360 Clay, 2340 Clay, 2351 Clay, 2333 Buchannan, 2324 Sacramento, 2329 Sacramento.
    For pick-up, call 600-6000 ext 7-2193.

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    Guide Dogs / Service Animals

    Guide dogs or service animals are generally permitted everywhere in the medical center. Where there are clinical concerns, the attending physician should be consulted. The patient is responsible for arranging for someone to take care of the animal’s needs.

    Local Animal Care Resources

    • Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS)
      645 Harrison St, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA  94107
      Phone:  415-979-9550 Fax:  415-979-9269
    • CASS (Client Animal Support Services) Program
      Animal food and litter, Subsidized veterinary care, In-home animal care; dog walking, litter box changing, Transportation of animal to/from vet or groomer, Foster care
    • CAD (Client Advocacy) Program
      Counseling and advocacy services for disabled pet guardians having housing difficulties as a result of their pet/s.
    • PETS Unlimited - 24-Hour Emergency Care
    • 2343 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA  94115
      Veterinarians and Animal Shelter, Neighborhood:  Pacific Heights
    • San Francisco SPCA
      2500 16th St, San Francisco, CA  94103
    • San Francisco Animal Care and Control

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    Questions & Concerns

    Access to Facilities & Services
    If you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact California Pacific's Disability Access Coordinator at 415-600-7ADA (415-600-7232).

    Patient & Customer Relations Department
    If you have any question or concern about our services, please contact the Patient & Customer Relations Department at We're here to help.

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