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    Finding Your Way - Pacific Campus

    Welcome to California Pacific Medical Center's Pacific Campus. Please direct any questions you may have to the Information Desk located on the Hospital Lobby at 2333 Buchanan Street.

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    Campus Map

    map of Pacific Campus locations - addresses are in map legend

    To view larger picture of image below: Click Finding Your Way - Pacific Campus [PDF]

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    Campus Map (Text Description)

      1) A. Hospital 2333 Buchanan Street
      CPMC Shuttle Stop
      Accessible Entrance
      Information Desk
      Public/ Accessible Parking
      Emergency Department (Entrance on Sacramento)
      • Floor B: Radiation Oncology, Elevator

      • Floor A: Emergency Department, Cafeteria, Conference Room A, Elevator

      • Floor 1: Information/Admitting, Cafe Surgery Waiting, Gift Shop, Elevator, Kanbar Cardiac Center (EKG/Echo)

      • Floor 2: Inpatient Lab, Radiology (CT Scan, Ultrasound), Elevator, Nuclear Medicine

      • Floor 3: Surgery (Surgery waiting on Floor 1) MSICU, CCU, TICU, Elevator

      • Floor 4: Patient Rooms 404-427,441-470, Elevator

      • Floor 5: Patient Rooms 509-530, 551-567, Elevator, GI Labs

      • Floor 6: Patient Rooms 609-638, 641-670, Elevator

      2) B. Stanford Building 2351 Clay Street
      Accessible Entrance
      • Floor 1: Bryan Hemming Cancer Care Center MRI, Elevator, EEG, Neurology/ALS

      • Floor 3: Meditation Chapel, Board Room, Elevator, Health Information Management

      • Floor 4: Dialysis, Elevator

      • Floor 5: Pulmonary Function, Elevator, Lab

      • Floor 6: ACU/Ambulatory Care Unit, Elevator, Interventional Endoscopy services

      3) C. Professional Building 2100 Webster Street:
      Accessible Entrance, Information Desk,
      Accessible Parking
      • P1,2,3: Professional Bldg Parking Garage

      • Floor 1: Outpatient Radiology & Laboratory, Elevator, Terrace Cafe, Walgreens Pharmacy

      • Floor 2: Ophthalmlic Diagnostic Center, Elevator

      • Floor 5: Connect To Hospital, Elevator
      4) D. Clay Street Garage located at Clay and Webster:
      Accessible Parking

      5) E. Outpatient Rehabilitation: 2330 Clay Street

      6) F. Doctors Offices/Transplant: 2340 Clay Street

      7) G. 2329 Sacramento Street: Between Webster and Buchanan Street

      8) H. Mental Health Clinic: 2323 Sacramento Street

      9) I. Institute for Health & Healing Doctor's Offices: 2300 California Street
      (Entrance on Webster Street)
    Hospital Drop-Off: Hospital visitors and patients can be dropped off at the Buchanan Street entrance.

    Hospital After-Hours: During after-hours, please use the Buchanan Street entrance.
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    Finding Hospital from Clay Street Garage

    Directions from Clay Street Garage to the Hspital (2333 Buchanan).
    During after-hours, access the Hospital Entrance via the Clay Street Steps.

    Step 1. Starting from the Clay Street garage, cross Webster St. and enter the Professional Building at 2100 Webster St.

    Step 2. Take the Professional Building elevators from Floor 1 to Floor 5.

    Step 3. Exit the elevators aon Floor 5 and follow the blue signs to the Hospital.

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    Hospital Lobby, Floor 1

    Hospital Lobby, Floor 1

    First Floor locations: Hospital Entrance, Information Desk, Admitting & Registration, Waiting Area/Surgery Waiting, Gift Shop, Cafe/Food/Drink, Kanbar Cardiac Center (EKG), elevators, connection to Stanford Building
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