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    1. New Study Finds Cannabis Compound Could Have Even Greater Reach in Inhibiting Aggressive Cancer

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      Researchers at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (CPMCRI, a Sutter Health affiliate) have found that a compound in cannabis previously shown to decrease metastatic breast cancer now shows promise in stopping aggressive brain cancer as well.
    2. Hemp Protein for Sports & Fitness

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      Hemp Protein for Sports & FitnessWhy Use Hemp Protein Why Do Athletes Use It?* Hemp protein is an alternative for vegan athletes and those who have dairy allergies or sensitivities. While hemp...
    3. Hemp Protein for Weight Control

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      Hemp Protein for Weight ControlWhy Use Hemp Protein Why Do Dieters Use It?* Hemp protein promoters claim that it boosts metabolism and helps people lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle. Some...
    4. Hemp Protein

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      Hemp ProteinUses Hemp protein is extracted from the shelled seeds (hearts) of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa L., and is used in some protein supplements and protein-enriched foods. Hemp and...
    5. Marijuana

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      In the United States, several states have made some forms of marijuana legal, mainly as a medical treatment. It may be used for symptoms like pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. But possession of...
    6. Shelled Hemp Seed

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      Shelled Hemp SeedUses Botanical names: Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa Parts Used & Where Grown Hemp is a form of the same plant as marijuana that generally has much lower levels of the...
    7. Medical Marijuana

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      In the United States, it is against federal law to possess, sell, give away, or grow marijuana for any purpose. Many states have passed laws that allow people with certain health problems to buy or...

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