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    Gynecologic Cancer Program

    Each year in the United States more than 80,000 women learn they have gynecologic cancer—cancer that starts within a woman’s reproductive system—according to the National Cancer Institute. While endometrial cancer is the most common, ovarian and cervical cancer also contribute to many new diagnoses.

    Gynecologic Cancer Care & Research at Sutter Health

    Dr. John Chan and Barb Silver, NP, describe the comprehensive care for gynecologic cancer--including research, supportive services, and treatment options available at Sutter Health CPMC in San Francisco.

    Gynecologic Cancer Services
    At Sutter Health CPMC we offer comprehensive care for gynecologic cancer that includes clinical research to deliver the latest medical treatments, and innovations such as robotic-assisted surgery.

    Learn more about what to expect during surgery
    John Chan, MD describes what to expect before, during and after gynecologic surgery.

    Our gynecologic oncology doctors provide treatment for:

    • Cervical Cancer
    • Endometrial / Uterine Cancer
    • Ovarian Cancer
    • Vaginal Cancer
    • Vulvar Cancer
    Supportive Services for Cancer
    Women who undergo gynecologic cancer care at CPMC benefit not only from leading-edge research and treatment, but also from supportive care services. Our Women’s Health Resource Center provides women a location to obtain current health information and resources for health and well-being through classes, individual health consultations and support groups, including our Ovarian and Reproductive Cancer Recovery Program.

    Learn more about Nutrition, Cancer and Chemotherapy
    John Chan, MD, Anca Cunningham, RD, and Barb Silver, NP, provide information and tips on better nutrition during treatment for cancer.

    Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment and Counseling
    Our board-certified genetic counselor can evaluate your personal and family medical history to determine if any cancer genetic testing is appropriate. The counselor can also discuss medical recommendations and options that patients or relatives can take to help reduce the chance of developing cancer, or help detect cancer at an earlier stage.

    Clinical Trials and Research
    Our doctors are actively involved in clinical research to uncover new therapies for gynecologic cancer through the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (CPMCRI). CPMCRI offers clinical, basic science, and translational cancer research. We offer many gynecologic cancer clinical trials that test new treatment approaches, such as new therapies or drugs.

    Chemotherapy Education for Gynecologic Cancer
    Please watch this educational video, in which patients understand what cancer is and the different therapies we use to treat it. This program was made possible by generous donations through the CPMC Foundation.