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    Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery

    Robotic Surgery

    Our robotic-assisted heart surgery service provides a new option for individuals facing heart surgery. With robotic-assisted surgery, doctors use tiny incisions along with 3D, high-definition visualization and instruments to repair your heart. This minimally invasive approach has been performed for heart surgeries such as mitral and tricuspid valve repair, atrial septal defect repairs, resection of intracardiac tumor, and ventricular septal resection for HOCM.
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    Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery

    In comparison to open surgery, robotic-assisted heart surgery can offer potential benefits of a shorter recovery time and hospital stay, a scar that is barely visible, and less pain and risk of infection.

    Who's a Candidate for Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

    Several types of heart and thoracic surgery lend themselves to a robotic-assisted approach. At CPMC, our team has performed robotic-assisted heart surgery for:

    • Mitral valve repair
    • Tricuspid valve repair
    • Repair of atrial septal defect
    • Resection of intracardiac tumor
    • Ventricular septal resection for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM)
    Our team also uses a robotic-assisted approach for some thoracic surgery cases, such as lung resection and thymectomy. We work closely with referring doctors in local communities to determine the best type of surgery for you.

    Robotic Heart Success Story

    “There was no pain. And four days later I was released from the hospital,” says Jeff Dorsey (pictured ziplining), the first patient at CPMC to undergo mitral valve repair using robotic surgery. Since then, more than 40 mitral valve repairs have been performed at CPMC.

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    About California Pacific Medical Center Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery

    California Pacific Medical Center, a hospital that is part of the Sutter HealthOpens new window network, offers robotic-assisted heart surgery as part of its robotic surgery services.

    Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery
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