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    Candidates for Robotic-Assisted
    Mitral Valve Repair

    Mitral valve prolapse can occur at any age in both men and women. Many people have no symptoms at all. For those who do, symptoms include fatigue, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty breathing after activity, or shortness of breath.

    While robotic-assisted mitral valve repair is considered safe and effective, it may not be appropriate for every individual. Our surgeon works with physicians in local communities to help evaluate individuals with mitral valve regurgitation and determine the best procedure for their case.

    Individuals who undergo robotic-assisted mitral valve repair need to be healthy enough to go on a heart-lung bypass machine for a period of time during the 4- to 5-hour surgical procedure. Following the surgery, patients ndergo a follow-up visit in San Francisco, then return to the care of their local cardiologist.

    About California Pacific Medical Center Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery

    California Pacific Medical Center, a hospital that is part of the Sutter HealthOpens new window network, offers robotic-assisted mitral valve repair as part of its robotic surgery servicesOpens new window.

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