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    Respiratory Diagnostics and Therapy

    Lung problems can worsen and may require hospitalization. St. Luke's Center for Diagnostics, Therapeutics for Respiratory Care provides:

    • 24 hour hospital based and emergency room service by licensed personnel

    • Therapeutic bronchodilator treatments

    • Hydration and airway clearance techniques

    • Pulmonary function testing

    • Pulmonary education and training

    • Non-invasive ventilation (BiPap, CPAP)

    • Continuous Mechanical Ventilation in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    • Specialty staff in Critical Care, Sub Acute, Skilled Nursing, Pediatric and Nursery departments

    • Personnel trained in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), basic life support (BLS), and neonatal resuscitation (NRP)
    To make an appointment, call (415) 641-6850.