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    Health Psychology Program
    Training Program

    California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is one of the largest private, not-for-profit, academic medical centers in Northern California and is a Sutter Health affiliate. As part of the Department of Psychiatry, the Health Psychology Program collaborates with medical teams to provide a wide range of psychological services to patients and families coping with the effects of medical illness.

    Training & Education:
    We offer a rigorous 12-month post-doctoral fellowship in health psychology. The training program is specifically designed to develop advanced clinical competencies in all areas of professional practice and to reflect both the breadth and depth of the field of health psychology. Training includes a wide range of didactics, clinical rotations, and professional activities that prepare Fellows for a successful career in hospitals or other medical settings. Didactics cover a broad range of health psychology topics (e.g., consultation-liaison psychology, models of brief psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, behavioral change theories, health beliefs and attitudes, targeted interventions for medical patients, effective collaboration with medical teams, etc.).

    Integrated Psychology Rotations:
    Health Psychology is fully “integrated” into numerous medical departments throughout CPMC and each year continues to expand its reach. As a part of these departments, Fellows are exposed to a range of clinical activities and work with diverse patient populations. Fellows provide evaluations, consultations, brief interventions, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, educational classes, and staff trainings to meet the needs of our patients and teams. In addition, Fellows attend multidisciplinary team meetings to work side-by-side with medical providers to improve patient care and medical outcomes. Health Psychology staff are highly valued members of these teams.

    Currently, Health Psychology is integrated into multiple departments and offers clinical training rotations in the following areas.

    Healthcare Provider Trainings:
    In addition to offering services directly patients, Health Psychology provides formal education and training to healthcare professionals. A core component of the fellowship program includes:
    • Interpersonal Skills (IPC) training to CPMC Internal Medicine residents
    • In-service staff trainings for medical teams
    • Presentations at psychiatry grand rounds
    • Supervision of psychology interns

    Supervisions (Tailored To Individual Needs):
    • Weekly individual supervisions
    • Weekly group supervisions
    • Consultation group

    Additional Opportunities (Based On Individual Interest):
    • Research projects
    • Program development
    • Neuropsychological testing
    • Inpatient consultation and evaluation
    • Developing support groups and educational classes
    • Career development (e.g., private vs. hospital practice)

    Position Requirements: Our positions are full-time for one year beginning in September. Fellows are paid a stipend of $2,500 per month or $30,000 total and there are no medical or retirement benefits. There is opportunity for Fellows to treat a limited number of private practice psychotherapy patients on a fee-for-service basis.

    Prerequisites: Completion of PhD or PsyD from APA-approved program and pre-doctoral internship is required. Prior experience and training in health psychology is preferred.

    Application Procedure: We request a personal statement that outlines your professional interests and how our program appears to align with your training goals, an updated CV, and a minimum of three letters of recommendation (including one from your internship training director). Please send us official graduate school transcripts and request a letter from your doctoral program that confirms your graduation status. You may apply through the APPA CAS system or send your application directly to Dr. Bornstein via e-mail or regular mail (e-mail is preferred). Applications received before January 15th will be given priority for the first round of interviews. For questions, please contact Dr. Bornstein.

    Jeremy E. Bornstein, Ph.D., Director
    Health Psychology Program
    Department of Psychiatry
    California Pacific Medical Center
    2340 Clay Street, 7th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    Vm/Fax (415) 449-6440