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    What to Bring to the Hospital for Birth and After

    Prior to your baby's delivery at California Pacific Medical Center's Women and Infants Center, you should have completed and mailed your pre-registration forms to simplify the admitting process. You will receive a confirmation letter from the hospital upon receipt of your registration forms, as well as a copy of You and Your Newborn, an educational book with important information about your baby and postpartum recovery.

    When you are in your eighth month of pregnancy, we suggest that you pack a bag for the hospital and include all the necessary baby supplies. Don't forget that an infant car seat must be properly installed in your car prior to discharge. The following are suggestions of what to pack to help ensure a comfortable hospital stay:

    • Copy of A Guide to Your Pregnancy and Newborn

    • A picture ID (driver's license or other ID) for your arrival at OB Reception.

    • Towel (for car seat while driving)

    • Extra pillows with bright pillow cases so that you don't misplace them

    • Powder or lotion for effleurage and back massage

    • Hollow rolling pin to fill with hot or cold water for back labor and/or a sock filled with tennis balls

    • Warm socks and slippers

    • Chapstick (most women find that their lips get chapped while in labor)

    • Mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Snacks for you and your partner (we suggest that moms bring hard candy to suck on during labor)

    • Swimsuit for your partner if you both plan on using the shower during labor

    • Mirror (if you wish to watch the baby's delivery)

    • Barrettes or band to tie back long hair

    • Camera and film (check batteries)

    • Tape or CD player (must be battery operated) with cassettes or CDs to play

    • A nursing gown and/or comfortable robe that opens all the way down the front (if you prefer, the hospital will supply you with a specially designed maternity gown for use)

    • Two nursing or regular bras and two pairs of cotton underpants

    • Shampoo, deodorant, comb, brush and cosmetics, if desired

    • List of telephone numbers and people to notify of the birth

    • Small amount of money

    • Stretch suit, warm blanket, hat and t-shirt for baby's trip home (make sure the baby's clothes have separate feet so legs will open for car seat strap)

    • Car seat in car for a safe ride home (required by California law)