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    Preparing to Deliver Your Baby at
    California Pacific Medical Center

    Thank you for choosing California Pacific Medical Center for your baby’s delivery! The steps below will help you pre-register and prepare for your hospital stay.

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    Step 1

    Preparing for Your Delivery

    If you are delivering your baby at California Pacific Medical Center, we ask that you pre-register during your second trimester. This way, we can anticipate your arrival and quickly admit you when you are in active labor.

    Please choose the California Pacific Medical Center campus location where you are going to deliver your baby, and click on the "register online" link below it.

    Register online
    to deliver your baby at the
    California Campus

    3700 California Street
    Register online
    to deliver your baby at the
    St. Luke's Campus

    3555 Cesar Chavez St.

    When you register, remember to provide your email address on the form so we can send a confirmation. Alternately, you can mail in the form provided by your obstetrician and we will send you a postcard confirmation by mail.

    Many insurance companies require pre-certification for hospital admissions. Please check with your insurance carrier. Failure to obtain pre-certification may result in your insurance company reducing the benefit paid—in other words, making you responsible for a greater portion of your hospital bill. Upon receipt of your pre-registration form, we will verify your insurance coverage and, if necessary, will contact you to arrange for a deposit. To speak to a Financial Counselor, please call the number that corresponds with the first letter of your last name.

    Last name beginning with:
    A-G, call (415) 750-6362
    H-O, call (415) 750-6442
    P-Z, call (415) 750-6395

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    Step 2

    Preparing for Your Delivery

    Information addressing questions about pregnancy, newborns and hospital services is available online.

    Newborn Connections offers tours of the Women and Children's Center at our California Campus every week. This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the Medical Center and have questions answered by our staff. To sign up for a tour or any childbirth-related classes, email Newborn Connections or call 415-600-BABY (2229). Newborn Connections also offers a specialty maternity, breastfeeding, and baby boutique. Please visit them at 3698 California Street, 1st Floor.

    For childbirth classes and tour information at our St. Luke's Campus, call (415) 626-BABY (2229).

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    Step 3

    Arriving at the Hospital When You Are in Labor

    When you begin to experience symptoms of labor and have consulted with your doctor or midwife, you will come to California Pacific Medical Center’s OB Reception area. Here, a nurse will examine you and consult with your physician or midwife to determine whether it is time for you to be admitted. Do not be disappointed if you are not admitted on your first visit. It is very common for women to experience symptoms of labor and not yet be ready for admission.

    For women delivering at our California Campus, OB Reception is located on the Lobby Level of 3700 California Street.

    For women delivering at our St. Luke's Campus, OB Reception is located on the hospital's 3rd floor at 3555 Cesar Chavez Street.

    When you are admitted, you will be given a room in the Labor & Delivery Unit. This is where you will stay throughout the labor and birth of your baby, and during your recovery period immediately following birth.

    After you have recovered from the delivery of your baby, you will be given a room in the Mother/Baby Unit. This is where you and your baby will stay until you are ready to go home.

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