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    Expectant Moms' Frequently Asked Questions

    Labor and Delivery at California Pacific Medical Center

    How soon do I need to pre-register?
    You will receive registration forms from your physician or midwife to be completed and submitted to California Pacific Medical Center prior to your eighth month of pregnancy.

    How many labor rooms are there? Are all the labor rooms private?
    There are 21 labor-delivery-recovery (LDR) rooms, all of which are private.

    Can you reserve a postpartum room in advance? How many postpartum rooms are available? How many of those are private? Semi-private?
    Postpartum rooms cannot be reserved in advance. Because the majority of our postpartum rooms are private, you will most likely get a room to yourself. After the birth of your baby, let the nurse know if you would like a private postpartum room. Keep in mind that your insurance may charge extra for requesting a private room. In all, we have 52 postpartum rooms: 48 private and 4 semi-private.

    Can my family/friends room in with me in the LDR and postpartum rooms? Can family/friends and my baby room with me if I'm in a semi-private postpartum room? Is bedding available?
    Your family and friends may room with you in the LDR and cots and bedding are available upon request. They may also room with you in a private postpartum room. In both the private and semi-private postpartum rooms, your baby can room with you.

    If I have a birth plan, when should I give it to the staff?
    If you have a birth plan, discuss it with your doctor ahead of time to ensure that it is familiar and acceptable to you both. You should also bring additional copies to give to the OB nurse in reception upon arrival at the hospital.

    Do I have to wear a hospital gown when I am in labor?
    You may wear whatever is comfortable, provided it does not inhibit the birth or your doctor's ability to check on your baby. You may be most comfortable in our maternity gowns that are specially designed for labor/delivery/breastfeeding. If you opt to bring your own gown, please be aware that there are no personal laundry facilities available at the Women and Children's Center.

    Is there an anesthesiologist available if I need an epidural?
    Yes. The Women and Children's Center has an OB anesthesiologist available on-site 24 hours a day.

    When does my postpartum stay begin?
    Your postpartum stay begins after delivery of your baby.

    Are cell phones allowed in the LDR and postpartum rooms?
    Yes, cell phones are allowed in both rooms. Because some areas on the floor may not have cell phone service, you should be prepared to use the pay phones if necessary. If you desire, you can also have cameras, cassette players or CDs in the delivery room.

    How soon after delivery will I get moved to the postpartum unit?
    The amount of time before you are moved varies depending on your recovery but, on average, is about two hours after delivery. If you have an unscheduled cesarean section delivery, recovery time will differ.

    Does California Pacific Medical Center have a security system for newborns?
    Yes. Infant Security is taken very seriously at California Pacific. At the time of your admission (or prior), you can discuss specifics with your physician. In order to keep our policy secure, we choose not to print information about our security system.

    Does my baby have to go to the nursery for test and procedures?
    Most tests and procedures can be done in your room if you wish. However, if your baby needs to be taken to the nursery, you and/or your partner can accompany your baby.