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    Pregnancy Danger Signs

    If you are pregnant and develop any of these symptoms, call your doctor or midwife immediately:

    • Fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
    • Sudden severe or continuous pain or cramping in the lower abdomen.
    • Bleeding or spotting from your vagina.
    • Injury to your stomach.
    • Pain during urination.
    • Sudden, severe swelling of your hands, feet or face.
    • Sores or blisters on your genitals.
    • Symptoms of vaginal infection, itching, burning and increase of unusual discharge.
    • Involved in a car accident.
    • Severe headaches or difficulty with vision.
    • Continuous leaking of small amount of fluid from the vagina or gush of water from the vagina.
    • Baby does not move for more than 1 day, after the 20th week of pregnancy or you are noticing decreasing fetal movement.
    • 4 or more uterine contractions in one hour.
    • Nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting.