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    Prenatal Diagnosis Center

    Who Should Consider Prenatal Testing?

    You may benefit from genetic counseling and prenatal testing if:

    • You are pregnant and under age 35 but would like more accurate screening for Down syndrome.
    • You are pregnant and will be 35 years or older on your due date.
    • You are pregnant with an abnormal screening test result (for example: a positive Expanded AFP blood or Integrated Screening result).
    • You have had an ultrasound of your fetus showing a possible birth defect.
    • You have already had a child or other close relative with a birth defect or genetic disease.
    • You and your partner are carriers of a recessively inherited disease such as Tay-Sachs, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis or thalassemia.
    • You are a carrier of an X-linked disease such as Fragile X, hemophilia or muscular dystrophy.
    • You and your partner are closely related to each other (such as first cousins).
    • You have been exposed to medications, X-rays or other agents during your pregnancy that may be harmful to the developing fetus.