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    Specialized Outpatient Programs

    Musculosketal Rehabilitation

    Patients experiencing musculosketal deficits are treated by our team of therapists who address joint stability, overall strength and conditioning, muscle balance, posture and joint range of motion. Throughout the course of treatment, the focus is on maximizing overall joint integrity and improving overall trunk and limb function.

    California Campus
    3698 California St., Room 2742
    San Francisco, CA 94118

    Davies Campus
    Castro at Duboce
    San Francisco, CA 94114

    Pacific Campus
    2360 Clay Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    Phone: 415-600-3395


    Arthritis patients are treated to address specific problems such as joint pain, joint swelling and reduced range of motion. Patients are educated in exercises and lifestyle changes designed to prevent exacerbation of arthritis symptoms, as well as maximizing functional activities and overall quality of life.

    Bone Spurs

    Patients with bone spurs are treated in a variety of ways to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Gait retraining, muscle reeducation, weight sealing reduction and heel cushions are among the many ways that our team of therapists provide treatment.

    Joint Replacement

    Patients undergoing experiencing hip or knee replacements are treated for range of motion, strength, mobility and gait training. The muscle groups supporting the replaced joint are treated to assume optimal strength and integrity to the joint. Treatment includes muscle balance, precautionary education and pain management.

    Spine Rehabilitation

    Individuals are treated based on their specific needs, utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches. The program includes spine school, spine stabilization and pool therapy class. Individuals are educated on anatomy, proper body mechanics and positioning, spine stabilization and daily living activities. This program is designed to increase muscle strength and condition the body for a healthy back.

    Sports Medicine

    Patients are instructed in exercise programs and educated on their injury. We utilize manual therapy and modalities to treat injuries and offer a variety of aerobic and strengthening equipment including treadmills, stationary bicycles, stair steppers, Nordic Track, universal weight system and a therapeutic pool.

    You will need a referral from your primary care provider or specialist. In order to avoid enexpected medical expenses, it is always best for you to contact you insurance company prior to treatment to confirm coverage.

    Injury Prevention Programs