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    Specialized Outpatient Program

    Industrial Rehabilitation

    Davies Campus
    Castro & Duboce Streets
    San Francisco, CA

    Job analysis

    California Pacific Medical Center's Industrial Rehabilitation Program at the Davies Campus focuses on treatment and prevention of work-related injuries.

    The job analysis serves as the foundation for all subsequent rehabilitation goals. Before any industrial rehabilitation program can be initiated, a comprehensive job analysis is performed. This analysis consists of a detailed breakdown of each essential task that the employee is required to perform throughout their workday.

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    Pre-employment screening

    Based on the employee's job analysis, a pre-employment screening provides an accurate and economical means to ascertain if an employee possesses the physical capacities required to perform their essential job tasks. The screening process also evaluates an employee's basic knowledge of body mechanics and safety skills as they relate to their job. Ensuring an employee's knowledge significantly reduces the chance of an additional work-related injury.

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    Functional capacity evaluation

    The functional capacity evaluation consists of objective tests designed to measure a person's current "at work" physical abilities. We assess an individual's dynamic strength, position tolerance, mobility, coordination, hand dexterity, balance and endurance to determine the ability of performing physical tasks and returning to a specific job.

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    Work conditioning

    Designed to maximize an individual's ability to return to work, this program is a highly structured, goal oriented, individualized treatment program. Utilizing simulated work tasks combined with conditioning activities in an interdisciplinary environment, our work hardening program addresses issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerance and work behaviors.

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