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    Specialized Outpatient Programs

    Comprehensive Integrated Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

    This program is a coordinated, outcome-driven, integrated rehabilitation program that provides individualized and expert treatment for adult brain injury survivors so that they may achieve greater life satisfaction, independence and productivity. We emphasize a comprehensive and personalized approach to recovery that focuses on the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, social, and physical well being of the individual. Our goal is to achieve functional outcomes focused on home and community integration along with enhancement of self-worth and engagement in productive activities. We are accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

    Davies Campus
    Castro & Duboce Streets
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    For more information call 415-600-6155

    Rehabilitation Program Components

    Our program is designed for persons with brain injury resulting from trauma, tumor, hypoxia, aneurysm or non-age related ischemia who require the structure and intensity of an individualized rehabilitation program.

    • Comprehensive evaluation and medical supervision by a board certified physiatrist specializing in brain injury rehabilitation

    • Coordinated Interdisciplinary Team Evaluation and treatment by a Neuropsychologist and therapy staff with expertise in the care and treatment of individuals with brain injury

    • Patient and Family-centered case management to ensure appropriate patient and family support, counseling, and education as well as optimize community resources and facilitate community reintegration

    • Individually customized treatment program to enhance cognitive, behavioral, emotional, social, familial, and physical functioning and maximize individual outcomes

    • Weekly interdisciplinary team conferences that define short term and long term objectives, and evaluate individualized treatment plan

    • Group and milieu treatment to promote awareness and insight, social interaction, peer feedback and support, and effective problem solving

    • Specialized Program Components also include:

      • Vocational Re-entry through work simulation and volunteer services programs

      • Complementary modalities such as Guided Imagery, Expressive Arts, Acupuncture, Massage, Meditation, Spiritual Support

      • Assistive Technology Center

      • Peer Support Program

      • Individual/group outings

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    Interdisciplinary Team of Specialists

    We use an interdisciplinary team approach in our Community Integration Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program.

    Team specialists include:

    • Board certified physiatrist

    • Certified rehabilitation nurse

    • Physical therapist

    • Occupational therapist

    • Clinical neuropsychologist

    • Speech/language pathologist

    • Recreation therapist

    • Respiratory therapist

    • Case manager

    • Dietician

    • Pharmacist

    • Orthotist

    • Prosthetist

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