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    Video: Patient Chip Eady Discusses His Experience Getting a Total Shoulder Replacement

    In this informative video, Chip Eady, a patient of orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Kelly of CPMC San Francisco, is speaking to a live audience of men and women suffering with shuolder pain or arthritis. Chip discusses his experience recently having been a patient at CPMC's Joint Replacement Center and receivin a total shoulder replacement.

    Video: Chip Eady - Total Shoulder Replacement Patient Experience

    About the Joint Replacement Center - CPMC, San Francisco

    The Joint Replacement Center is a branch of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, based in San Francisco, California and treating patients in San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland, and throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our top orthopedic surgeons provide specialized surgical services for treating conditions of the hip, knee and shoulder. We consider our surgical team to be among the best surgeons, physicians, nurses, and doctors, working together to provide personalized treatment plans for procedures such as joint replacement, total or partial knee replacement surgery, total or partial hip replacement surgery, shoulder surgery and even elbow surgeries. If you are looking to consult with one of the top Bay Area joint, hip, knee, elbow or shoulder surgeons, reach out and make an appointment. The first step towards finding the best surgeon for you is an initial consultation.