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    Joint Replacement Center

    Meet the caring surgeons at Sutter Health CPMC's Joint Replacement Center, located in San Francisco, Calif. We perform more than 1,200 joint replacement procedures each year - experience that translates to better quality and better results.

    Our surgeons have been trained in the most innovative state-of-the-art surgical techniques. The skill and expertise of these surgeons, nurses and physical and occupational therapists combine to make your surgical experience a successful one.

    Meet Our Knee, Hip, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeons

    Dr. John BelzerJohn Belzer, M.D., Chief of Orthopedic Surgery (Elbow, Knee, Shoulder)
    Dr. Belzer earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his M.D. at Yale University.
    Learn more about Dr. Belzer.

    Dr CoxChristopher V. Cox, M.D., Medical Director, Joint Replacement Center (Hip, Knee)
    Christopher V. Cox, M.D. is a Board certified orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in total joint replacement surgeries, including hip replacement, knee replacement, and complicated revision total joint surgeries.
    Learn more about Dr. Cox.

    Dr. Lesley AndersonLesley Anderson, M.D. (Knee, Shoulder)
    Dr. Anderson received her B.S. at Penn State and completed her M.D. at Hershey Medical School (Penn State) in 1976. She developed her interest in treating injuries of the knee and shoulder through her own personal experiences participating in sports.
    Learn more about Dr. Anderson.

    Dr. Dave AtkinDave Atkin, M.D. (Hip, Knee)
    Learn more about Dr. Atkin.

    Dr. Peter CallanderPeter Callander, M.D. (Hip, Knee)
    Dr. Callander specializes in hip and knee replacements with an emphasis in minimally invasive techniques. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his medical degree from Saint Louis University.
    Learn more about Dr. Callander.

    James Chen, M.D. (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow)
    Dr. Chen specializes in hip, knee, shoulder and elbow surgery.
    Learn more about Dr. Chen.

    Jon A. Dickinson, M.D. (Shoulder)
    Dr. Dickinson specializes in shoulder surgery.
    Learn more about Dr. Dickinson.

    Sara EdwardsSara Edwards, M.D. (Shoulder)
    Learn more about Dr. Edwards.

    Christian Guier, MDChristian Guier, M.D. (Hip, Knee)
    Learn more about Dr. Guier.

    Dr. Jeffrey HalbrechtJeffrey L. Halbrecht, M.D. (Shoulder)
    Dr. Halbrecht is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in joint replacement surgery. Learn more about Dr. Halbrecht.

    Lin Ho, M.D. (Hip, Knee)
    Learn more about Dr. Ho.

    Dr. James KellyJames Kelly, M.D. (Shoulder, Elbow)
    Dr. Kelly is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery. He performs surgery such as arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, shoulder arthroplasty or replacements, and fixation of fractures of the shoulder and elbow. Learn more about Dr. Kelly.

    Dr. Kevin LouieKevin Louie, M.D. (Knee)
    Dr. Louie completed his undergraduate education, Phi Beta Kappa, at Tufts University. He attended medical school at University of Michigan, receiving his M.D. in 1980. Learn more about Dr. Louie.

    Dr. Gordon LundyGordon Lundy, M.D. (Knee)
    Learn more about Dr. Lundy.

    Dr. Nicholas MastNicholas H. Mast M.D. (Hip)
    Nicholas H. Mast M.D. is the newest addition to the Joint Replacement Center at CPMC. Dr. Mast is a Board Eligible Orthopedic Surgeon and a specialist in Hip and Pelvis surgery. Dr Mast’s interests include replacement and non-replacement surgical options for hip disease. Learn more Dr. Mast.

    alt="Dr.Robert Mayle, Jr. M.D. (Hip, Knee, Spine)
    Dr. Mayle specializes in treating hip and knee arthritis and hip and knee replacement. He graduated University of California, Berkeley and obtained his medical degree from Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. He completed a fellowship in Spine Surgery at the University of Miami, and a fellowship in Total Joint Replacement at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago. Learn more about Dr. Mayle.

    Dr. Tom Norris Tom R. Norris, M.D. (Shoulder)
    A native Texan, Dr. Norris attended college at Princeton University, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons for medical school. He completed his internship at San Francisco General Hospital and did his reseidency at the New York Orthopaedic Hospital for residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.
    Learn more about Dr. Norris.

    Dr. Robert PurchaseRobert Purchase, M.D. (Hip, Knee, Shoulder)
    Dr. Purchase is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder surgery and sports medicine.
    Learn more about Dr. Purchase.

    Mark A. Schrumpf , M.D. (Elbow, Shoulder)
    Dr. Mark Schrumpf completed his M.D. at University of Southern California and orthopedic training at Hospital for Special Surgery, where he focused on reconstructive surgery of the upper extremity.
    Learn more about Dr. Schrumpf.

    Frank H. Valone, III, M.D. (Hip)
    Learn more about Dr. Valone.

    Dr. Wolfson Nikolaj Wolfson, M.D. (Hip, Knee)
    Dr. Wolfson graduated from Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University. After serving as a medical officer in IDF, he did his residency in orthopedic surgery in London, Ontario, Canada.
    Learn more about Dr. Wolfson.

    About Joint Replacement at California Pacific Medical Center

    Sutter Health CPMC, a San Francisco hospital that is part of the Sutter Health network, offers leading-edge surgical care for conditions of the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow. We use the latest surgical techniques—including joint replacement with shorter recovery times—to help people overcome orthopedic injuries, orthopedic conditions, and degenerative disease that affect one’s ability to move.

    Tel. 1-888-637-2762 for physician referral questions.