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    Part 3: Women & Children's Tour - Your Postpartum Stay

    Well Baby Nursery

    While we encourage you to keep your baby with you at all times during your hospital stay, there are some instances in which your baby will need to come to the nursery. For example, this is where a boy’s circumcision would occur. We also perform hearing tests in the nursery. You are always welcome to accompany your baby to the nursery for these procedures.

    Postpartum Room

    California Pacific has 50 postpartum rooms available for new mom and her partner. Each room has a private bathroom, phone and television, as well as a cot for your partner. You will spend 48 hours at the hospital following a vaginal delivery or 96 hours with a cesarean birth. Remember to bring an outfit and blanket for your baby’s return home, and have your car seat properly installed.

    Celebration Dinner

    On your last night at the hospital, our Food Service Team will bring you a celebration dinner to help commemorate all your hard work and your baby’s birth. And hopefully your little one will give you a break to enjoy this meal! You can select your choice of a beef, chicken or vegetarian entrée.


    During your postpartum stay, you can order from our room service menu. Additionally, a pantry is available on each floor with a refrigerator, freezer and microwave available for use. We have juice and light snacks available in the pantry for you and your partner. If you prefer other food, you can ask your nurse for the take-out menu binder. Many local restaurants will deliver to the hospital.

    Tour Part 1: Newborn Connections™ & Your Hospital Arrival

    Tour Part 2: Labor & Delivery

    This concludes the Women & Children’s Center tour. If you are planning on delivering at California Pacific and haven't pre-registered yet, you can use our online pre-registration system.

    As you may know, California Pacific has a comprehensive Department of Pediatrics, with both general pediatricians and pediatric specialists. Our physician locator is online if you need to select a pediatrician. You can also visit our Pediatric Specialty Services site for information about our specialists. We look forward to caring for you during this special time!