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    Hospital Tours

    We encourage women who are delivering their baby at California Pacific to take a tour of the Medical Center prior to delivery. Partners are also encouraged to attend. Below are some highlights from this tour.

    Part 1: Women & Children's Center
    Newborn Connections™ and Your Hospital Arrival

    Newborn Connections™

    The Women & Children’s tour starts at Newborn Connections (3698 California Street, 1st Floor). Newborn Connections is a non-profit department within California Pacific. All of our store proceeds go back into the Women & Children’s Center and support our programs. Some of the services offered at Newborn Connections are:

    Book & Video Lending Library

    The Newborn Connections library is open to the public and has a wide assortment of pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting related books and videos. Need a book recommendation? Our staff can assist you in making your selection based on your interest. There is a $30 annual fee to join the library.

    Hospital Lobby

    This is where you will enter the hospital. When you are in labor, go to OB Reception, located near the Cherry Street emergency entrance on the hospital's lobby level.

    Cherry Street Temporary Parking

    When you are in labor, your partner can park for up to 30 minutes in one of the two spaces in our Pediatric Emergency Department lot and escort you to OB Reception. Please move your car to the Cherry Street garage within 30 minutes or you will be ticketed. The garage is open 24 hours a day, but please note it is several stories high with no elevator.

    Tour Part 2: Labor & Delivery

    Tour Part 3: Your Postpartum Stay