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    Breast Pump Rentals

    Whether you are returning to work or want more flexibility in your breastfeeding schedule, our breast pumps can help make feeding more convenient. Newborn Connections™ sells and rents breast pumps and accessories; our staff is available to help you determine which style is best for your needs.

    There are many breast pumps available on the market today. However, careful selection is very important. Not every pump works for every woman and research has shown some may actually be harmful to the breast tissue. If you have questions regarding the selection of a breast pump, please visit Newborn Connections™ or call (415) 600-BABY for assistance. The Medela brand is highly recommended by lactation specialists. Newborn Connections™ carries a full line of Medela products, please visit for a more detailed description of some of the products below.

    Manual Pumps

    Medela Manualelectric™ — This pump has a special design so the pump will not exert too much pressure that could potentially damage the breast tissue. The collection bottle keeps the milk clean and uncontaminated.

    Avent Isis Breast Pump — A gentle, reliable hand pump, comfortable and easy to use. You control the strength of the suction through the pressure of your fingertips. “Petal massagers” gently massage the areola and mimic your baby's sucking.

    Battery-operated Pumps

    Medela's Mini-Electric pumpMany battery-operated pumps are available. Some women find them convenient and easy to use. Battery-operated pumps tend to be noisier than electric pumps. Look for pumps that are designed to intermittently release the suction to prevent excessive pressure, such as Medela's Mini-Electric (shown on right).

    CAUTION: Avoid using “bicycle horn” (bulb type) breast pumps. They are ineffective and can cause breast and nipple damage.

    Electric Pumps

    Hospital grade pumps (Lactina or Symphony) — Electric pumps are faster, the most efficient, and are available with a double pumping attachment for the convenience of pumping both breasts at the same time. Smaller, lightweight pumps are available for travel or work. In addition, battery packs are available as are adaptors which allow you to obtain power to pump by plugging into your car cigarette lighter. Available for rental only.

    Portable professional pumps
    Medela's Pump N'Style— Ideal for the active and/or working mother who needs a high quality, portable and discrete breast pump. The Pump N' Style provides both fast, effective suction and quiet, comfortable operation. Includes double pumping accessories, cooler kit, milk storage bags, and car cigarette lighter adapter. Available for purchase only. Prices range from $279 - $329 depending on style.