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    Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation Explained for Referring Physicians - Health Video

    In this informative video, electrophysiologist Dr. Richard Hongo of San Francisco's CPMC explains signs, symptoms and treatment of ventricular tachycardia, using ablation - and helps you uinderstand if and when you should refer a patient for this procedure.

    The Heart and Vascular Center is a leading center in the San Francisco Bay Area for treating all types of heart and cardiac problems -- from chest pain and heart attack to ventricular assist devices and heart transplantation.

    Our electrophysiology program is known around the world for its top expert doctors and surgeons. Through a series of videos, these Bay area medical experts explain about various heart arrhythmias and their treatments.

    Video: Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation for Doctors

    About the Heart and Vascular Center - CPMC, San Francisco

    CPMC's Heart and Vascular Center is supported by one of the best heart hospital/center networks in the USA, offering quality, comprehensive patient-centered cardiovascular care by a team of top heart surgeons and physicians who pioneer leading-edge technology. Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco and Marin County, as well as the entire Northern California region, our team has many of the best cardiovascular surgeons and physicians in California and the United States.

    To refer your patient for VT ablation or any other procedure, follow this
    easy procedure.