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    A History of Success

    California Pacific Medical Center has been at the forefront of cardiovascular medical and surgical services for over fifty years. Since surgeons at California Pacific performed the nation’s first heart transplant in a private hospital in 1984, we have performed over 385 heart transplants—many on high-risk patients. Additionally, throughout the 80’s and 90’s California Pacific Medical Center participated in pioneering work in developing Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs)—and was the first center in the world to successfully bridge a patient to transplant and discharge using VADs. Since then, 150 VADs have been successfully implanted at California Pacific for bridge-to-transplant, bridge-to-recovery and permanent support, also known as destination therapy. In fact, we were one of the nation’s first medical centers to successfully wean a patient off of mechanical circulatory support.

    Compare our outcomes with national averages.