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    Ophthalmic Diagnostic Services

    Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, ROUB, CDOS, FOPS - Supervisor
    Marina Soboleva, COMT, ROUB, CDOS - Chief Technologist
    Yolanda Gomez – Patient Services Representative

    CPMC Department of Ophthalmology
    The Eye Institute
    Ophthalmic Diagnostic Services

    711 Van Ness Avenue Suite 250
    San Francisco CA 94102
    Phone: (415) 600-3937
    Fax (415) 558-7011

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    Who We Are

    Ophthalmic Diagnostic Services provides a full spectrum of ophthalmic diagnostic services to the ophthalmic community of the Bay Area. We are a hospital based ancillary center within the Department of Ophthalmology. We offer comprehensive diagnostic services with leading edge ophthalmic instruments. Test results may be provided with interpretive reports by the appropriate specialists by request. We have utilized a Remote Access digital database system since 2005. All diagnostic testing results are available on line using a secure remote access token system.

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    Diagnostic Services

    • Digital Fluorescein Angiography
    • Indocyanine Green ( ICG) Angiography
    • Simultaneous FA and OCT
    • Simultaneous FA and ICG
    • Fundus Autofluorescence
    • Digital Color Fundus Imaging/ Stereo Optic Nerve Imaging
    • Optos Ultrawide Imaging
    • Non contact Specular Micrography
    • Digital Slit Lamp Biomicrography
    • Automated Perimetry
    • Goldmann Perimetry
    • 10 MHz Diagnostic B Scan: Posterior Segment
    • 20 MHz Diagnostic B Scan: Anterior Segment
    • 50 MHz Ultrasonic Biomicrography
    • Standardized A-scan
    Biometry and IOL Calculations
    • 10 MHz Immersion Biometry
    • OCB Lenstar Optical Biometry
    • Advanced IOL Calculations for Post Refractive Cornea
    • Advanced IOL calculations for Toric and Multifocal IOL's
    • Scheimpflug Anterior Segment Imaging
    • Placido Corneal Topography
    • Hand Held Automated Keratometry
    • Electroretinography ( ERG)
    • Pattern Electroretinography ( pERG )
    • Electro-Oculography ( EOG)
    • Visual Evoked Potentials ( VEP )
    • FM 100 Color Vision Testing
    • Multifocal ERG (mERG)
    • Multifocal VEP (mVEP)

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    Technical Staff

    Our technical staff represents a highly trained team. Denice Barsness has been an ophthalmic photographer/ technician since 1979. She recently served as the president of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society and currently serves on the board of examiners for the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology.

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    The laboratory offers state of the art diagnostic equipment. Our cameras are from Ophthalmic Imaging Systems and Carl Zeiss Meditech Instruments. We have the latest model #750 Humphrey field analyzers which offer SITA, FASTPAC and Blue/Yellow options. Alcon and Innovative Imaging comprise our ultrasound equipment. We utilize a Konan non-contact specular microscopy for patient-friendly corneal cell counts. Optic nerve analysis is performed with the Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT3). Carl Zeiss Meditech is now available for retinal and optic nerve head analysis.

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    Additional Services

    Interpretive Reports
    All procedures are provided with interpretive reports upon request. Angiography, Ultrasonography and Retinal Function testing reports are provided by the Medical Director and Retinal Specialist. Visual Field analysis is provided by Marc Lieberman, MD, Unit Director, CPMC Glaucoma Service. Corneal topography, Keratoconus evaluation, UBM, and Specular Micrography interpretive reports are provided by the appropriate corneal specialist.

    Non-Medical Services
    The ODS can provide slide scanning services, Powerpoint lecture services and special photographic copy work on request. Comprehensive daily, monthly or annual reports on patient activity are available on request.

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