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    Case Reports

    What happened to the patient from our latest issue of The Ethicist Is In in Ethical Times? To view the outcomes of our cases, check out our case report page.

    Case Report: Issue 37, Summer 2014 The Ethicist is In incorrectly stated that there would be a follow up explaining what happened to the patient. We regret this error.

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    Ethical Times Newsletter

    To subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, Ethical Times, or if you would like an issue that was produced between 2005-2008, please email

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    Video Library

    For our video library, please see Bioethics Resources.

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    Below are links to some citations of our work. These links do not include books or book chapters and are only in journals indexed by the National Library of Medicine. If you are looking for something not contained in the links below, please let us know.

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    Annual Reports

    Semiannually, the program produces a report of all of its activities, research, acquisitions and fundraising.

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