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    Policies for Residents and Visitors

    Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive and homelike setting for the residents. We also endeavor to promote an atmosphere whereby residents, staff and caretakers alike will be treated with dignity and with respect by one another. You can help accomplish these goals by following the protocols outlined below:

    1. Visiting
      Please respect the privacy of all residents. You are in their home. The person you are visiting is one of a number of people who live here. A person that you are not visiting may be sleeping, so keep noise to a minimum.
      Visitors will be limited to close friends and family. The number of visitors at one time may be limited upon the request of the resident, or at the discretion of the staff. The staff may also use their discretion in requesting that visitors leave if they become disruptive and/or disturb other residents.
      Visitors may not stay on the premises unless the resident they are visiting is on the premises as well.
      Overnight stay requests are generally approved only if a client is approaching death. These requests, and any other exceptions to the “no overnight” policy, are subject to the approval of House Manager or the Team Leader on site.
      Coming Home Hospice is not liable for the loss of personal effects belonging to visitors. We recommend that personal valuables be maintained in secured areas.
      Visiting hours are: 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Other hours can be accommodated as needed. For the safety of all residents, should you wish to visit after 9:30 pm, please call the nurse on duty to inform her/him of your arrival.

    2. Meals
      All meals are prepared by the staff at CHH. Arrangements may be made on occasion for special food needs.

    3. Errands
      Shopping and pickup of medications and other personal items may be carried out by volunteers when they are available to do so.

    4. Alcohol and Drugs
      Alcohol in moderation as directed by resident’s physician is permitted. The residence is illicit drug-free. No drugs of any kind, other than those prescribed by a physician will be allowed in the house. Visitors who do not comply with this policy will be told to leave the house and may not be allowed to make further visits. Abusive use of alcohol or use of illicit drugs by residents may result in eviction from Coming Home Hospice.
      All prescribed and over-the-counter medications will be locked up in a separate medication cabinet. The resident will receive medications from the LVN charge nurse on duty.

    5. Safety
      Some residents may be experiencing dementia or confusion and/or are on medications affecting motor coordination and awareness. Care must be taken to ensure their safety and the safety of other residents. No smoking is allowed indoors. Some residents may also require supervised outdoor smoking. When residents leave the house they must be accompanied by a responsible other person.

    6. Laundry
      While residents are welcome to bring personal linens and towels, both are provided by the facility. Laundry is done on-site by the CHH staff.

    7. Keys and Locking Rooms
      Under no circumstances should anyone go into a resident’s room when the resident is not on the premises. In the event of a resident’s hospitalization or prolonged absence, CHH staff will only authorize certain individuals (e.g., significant others, family members) to access the resident’s room when deemed absolutely necessary. This decision will be done with the resident’s express authorization whenever possible. This provision is made for the protection of all residents’ belongings in their absence.
      Because of personal safety and health care service delivery considerations, residents cannot install their own personal locks on either the outside or the inside of their bedroom doors.

    8. If a Resident Dies
      After a resident’s death and removal of the body, the resident’s room will be closed. No one but the executor, next of kin, or CHH/Hospice nurse or social worker should enter. Only those responsible parties, as designated by the resident, will be permitted to enter the resident’s room for the purpose of packing and removing personal belongings. It is expected that belongings be removed from the facility within 48 hours after the resident is discharged.

    9. Conditions for Discharge from CHH
      • Psychiatric emergency.

      • Failure of progression of illness after evaluation of the Hospice team and adhering to the hospice benefit.

      • Behavioral management issues.
    10. Personal Spending Money
      Residents may keep no more than $30.00 cash on hand for incidental personal expenses. Personal money, cash or travelers checks, should be locked in the nurse’s office and be obtained from the Team Leader.