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    Lung Cancer Screening Program

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    Instead of wondering about your risk for lung cancer, breathe easier and take action with CPMC's Lung Cancer Screening Program. Offered to current and former smokers age 55-74, the screening starts with a consult with one of our pulmonologists, then a CT scan if appropriate.

    Most patients with lung cancer have smoked cigarettes and one’s risk remains elevated for decades after one stops smoking. Unfortunately, without screening, lung cancer is usually detected late in the course of disease. Our goal is to work with at-risk individuals to help detect cancer early, manage annual screenings and any associated follow-up evaluations, and to assist with smoking cessation.

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    Who is a Candidate for Lung Cancer Screening?
    If you are age 55-74 and a current or former smoker, you may be at risk for lung cancer, and a screening could help detect the disease early. Learn more about whether you're a candidate and the efficacy of a lung CT scan.

    What Does Lung Cancer Screening Involve?
    CPMC's Lung Screening Program incorporates a pulmonology consultation and CT scan for qualified individuals. Learn more about the scan and how our team can help manage your screening, provide treatment options if needed, or help with smoking cessation.

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    Lung Cancer Screening Program
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