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    Patient Safety

    Much publicity has recently been given to the effects of medical errors in hospitals. We at California Pacific have embraced the Patient Safety movement and have gone beyond the basics of making the health care safe for patients. We constantly strive to build a strong culture of safety. We strive to make sure our patients receive the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology within a system that includes multiple safeguards. The right care at the right time to the right patient every time.

    Code Help

    We created Code Help to address the needs of the patient in the case of an emergency, when the patient, family member or other advocate is unable to get the necessary attention of a health care provider. Patients have the best outcomes when they are actively involved in their care. Code Help is a way to provide our patients and families immediate access to help when they feel they are not receiving adequate medical attention.

    Dial 0 from any hospital phone and say, "I’m calling to activate Code Help."

    Any patient, family member or other concerned patient advocate may initiate a Code Help. Once activated, a member of our rapid response team will arrive in the patient’s room to assess the situation and address your concerns. The charge nurse and additional support will be called in as needed, and you’ll be asked to provide information about the problem or concern.

    When to Call
    1. When a noticeable medical change occurs and the health care team does not appear to be recognizing the change or your concerns.
    2. If after speaking with the nurse or physician, you continue to have serious concerns on how care is being managed.
    3. If you feel there is confusion over what needs to be done in a critical situation.