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    Title: Serum Biomarkers for FDG-PET Positive Lung Nodules
    Description: Using blood biomarkers and PET imaging to improve care for the lung nodule and cancer patient. In collaboration with Stanford University's School of Medicine, this study will assess the application of new technologies for improving medical care by studying the application of blood based molecular markers in the context of currently available imaging techniques
    Investigator: George Horng, MD
    Eligibility: Male/Female subjects, 18 years or older, with a chest x-ray or computer tomography (CT) scan detected solitary pulmonary nodule that will be undergoing a PET scan
    Status: Active and open to enrollment
    Contact: Anna von Bakonyi, LVN, 415-600-1107, Email: about Study Serum Biomarkers

    • updated April 2017