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    Active Clinical Trials for
    Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition Associated Liver Disease (PNALD)

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    Title: Compassionate Use of Omegaven IV Fat Emulsion in Infants With Life Threatening Parenteral Nutrition-associated Liver Disease (PNALD)
    Decscription: The purpose of the study is to provide use of Omegaven in infants with life threatening Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) associated cholestasis when all other medical and surgical treatments/therapies have been either ineffective or not feasible in the treatment of this serious condition. This is a compassionate use protocol.
    Investigator: David A. Lee, MD
    Eligibility: Infants, 2 months to 12 months old, with a diagnosis of life threatening PNALD and who are currently admitted to the NICU
    Status: Active and open to enrollment
    Contact: David A. Lee, MD, 415-750-6842, Email: about Study PNALD

    • updated February 2014

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