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    Title: NeuroPace RNS® System Post-Approval Study in Epilepsy
    Description: This study is to follow patients prospectively over 5 years in the real-world environment to gather data on the long-term safety and effectiveness of the RNS System at qualified Comprehensive Epilepsy Centers by qualified neurologists, epileptologists, and neurosurgeons trained on the RNS System
    Investigator: David King-Stephens, MD
    Eligibility: Subjects 18 years of age or older with frequent, disabling seizures (SPS motor, CPS, or secondarily generalized seizures) and who have failed treatment with a minimum of 2 AEDs, undergone diagnostic testing that has identified no more than 2 epileptogenic foci and who are able to maintain a seizure diary alone or with the assistance of a competent individual
    Status: Open to enrollment
    Contact: Douglas Raggett, RN, 415-600-3777, Email: about Study NeuroPace PAS

    • updated December 2016