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    California Pacific Research Institute-Basic/Laboratory Science

    Current Areas of Research in Molecular and Cell Biology

    Cancer  |  Liver Diseases  |  Transplant Immunology  |  Longevity Research


    Cancer Avatar Project (a Precision Medicine Initiative)
    California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (CPMCRI) is leading an innovative program to further Sutter Health's cancer precision medicine research through the Cancer Avatar Project—a living biology approach to translational research for fully individualized cancer care.
    Cancer Avatar Project

    Brain Tumors
    Role of cytomegalovirus in the development of brain tumors (gliomas) and therapeutic resistance in gliomas.
    Liliana Soroceanu, MD, PhD

    Breast Cancer Disease Progression
    Cellular and molecular changes during the early stages of breast cancer progression.
    Shanaz Dairkee, PhD

    Role of ID-1 in metastatic breast cancer
    Pierre Desprez, PhD

    Role of dystroglycan in metastatic breast cancer
    John Muschler, PhD

    Complementary & Integrative Medicine
    Molecular biological evaluations of herbs and mind-body modalities as cancer therapy
    Garret Yount, PhD

    Drug Development
    Creating cultured cells for cancer drug development
    Shanaz Dairkee, PhD

    Cancer and cannaniboids
    Sean McAllister, PhD

    Novel compounds for treatment of metastatic cancer
    Li-Xi Yang, MD, PhD

    Gene Therapy
    Development of safe and effective therapies to correct cancer-causing genes
    Robert Debs, MD

    Development of a diagnostic technique could aid in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma
    Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, MD

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    Liver Diseases

    Infectious Diseases and Host Response
    Mechanisms of protective immunity against hepatitis C virus infection
    Stewart Cooper, MD, MRCP

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    Transplant Immunology

    Liver transplant
    Stewart Cooper, MD

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    Longevity Research

    Multi-cohort studies on aging, breast cancer, and osteoporosis
    Steve Cummings, MD, PhD

    Multi-cohort observational studies on sarcopenia, and osteoporosis in men
    Peggy Cawthon, PhD, MPH

    Impact of sleep disturbances and disorders on age-related outcomes
    Katie Stone, PhD

    Molecular epidemiology of aging and age-related diseases
    Greg Tranah, PhD
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