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    Breast Densitometry & Breast Cancer Risk Assessment - International Workshop Agenda

    Agenda Day One - June 6, 2013

    8:00 - 9:00Breakfast and Registration
    9:00 - 9:10Introduction
    9:10 - 9:20Advocates Statement of Need
    Speaker: Deborah Collyar
    The Politics and Practicality of Reporting Breast Density
    9:20 - 9:45Are You Dense.Org
    Speaker: Nancy M. Cappello, PhD - President & Founder, Are You Dense, Inc.
    9:45 - 10:10Discussion of the new legislation mandating the reporting of breast density, perspectives from breast cancer advocates supporting the legislation, discussion of the benefits and practical limitations of the breast density reporting in a clinical mammography setting.
    Speaker: California State Senator Joe Simitian
    10:10 - 10:50Application of BIRADS Density Law in Clinical Practice (Panel)
    Speakers: Bonnie Joe (UCSF), Debra Ikeda (Stanford), Ed Sickles (UCSF), Meg Durbin (Palo Alto Medical Foundation)
    10:50 - 11:05Break
    11:05 - 11:20Abstract: CIRRUS: A Fully-Automated Software Platform for Breast Cancer Risk Prediction from Mammograms
    Speaker: John Hopper, PhD - The University of Melbourne
    11:20 - 11:35Abstract: Several Mammographic Texture Measures, Including MTR, Add Simultaneously to Percentage Density Risk Segregation
    Speaker: Mads Nielson, PhD - University of Copenhagen
    11:35 - 12:30Lunch
    Comparative Measurement of Breast Density
    12:30 - 1:10Comparison of Quantitative Volumetric Density Measures
    Speaker: Isabella dos Santos Silva, MD, MSc, PhD - London School of Hygiene & Trophical Medicine
    1:10 - 1:50

    Breast Cancer Risk:   Is it Just About Breast Density?
    Speaker: Elizabeth Morris, MD, FACR - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    1:50 - 2:30Next Generation Measurements of Breast Density - Tomosynthesis
    Speaker: Despina Kontos, PhD - University of Pennsylvania
    2:30 - 2:45Break
    Breast Density and Biology
    2:45 - 3:25Molecular Mcroenvironments of Mammographically Dense Breast Tissue
    Speaker: Melissa Troester, PhD, MPH - UNC School of Public Health
    3:25 - 4:05Alignment Surrounding Breast Tumors Faciliates Tumor Spread and Metastatis:
    Speaker: Suzanne Ponik, PhD - University of Wisconsin
    4:05 - 4:45Summary of Day One Panel Discussion
    EveningSpeakers Dinner:   Café Majestic in the Hotel Majestic

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    Agenda Day Two - June 7, 2013

    8:30 - 9:00Breakfast
    9:00 - 9:05Introduction
    Genetics of Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk
    9:05 - 9:45Genetic Markers of Breast Density-Ethnic Association to Breast Density
    Speaker: Elad Ziv, MD - UCSF
    9:45 - 10:25The Relative Contributions of BI-RADS Density and Genetics to Breast Cancer Risk
    Speaker: Celine Vachon, PhD - Mayo Clinic
    10:25 - 10:45Break
    Risk Modeling: Putting It All Together
    10:45 - 11:25Breast Cancer Risk Prediction and Individualized Screening Based on Common Genetic Variations and Breast Density Measurements
    Speaker: Hatef Darabi, PhD - Karolinska Inst
    11:25 - 12:05Benign Breast Disease and Breast Density
    Speaker: Jeffrey A. Tice, MD - UCSF
    12:05 - 1:00Lunch
    1:00 - 1:15Abstract: Determinants of Breast Tissue Composition in 15-18 year Old Girls
    Speaker: Norman Boyd, MD, DSc, FRCPC - Ontario Cancer Institute
    1:15 - 1:30Abstract: The Effect of Weight Change on Changes in Breast Measures Over Menopause
    Speaker: Hanneke Wanders, MSc -Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Epidemiology, UMC Utrecht
    Breast Density and Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice
    1:30 - 2:10

    Awareness of Breast Density and Its Relationship to Mammography Sensitivity and Breast Cancer Risk Among U.S. Women:  Results of a National Survey
    Speaker: Deb Rhodes, MD - Mayo Clinic

    2:10 - 2:50BreastCare:  A Primary Care Clinic-Based TCT to Increase Breast Cancer Knowledge and Discussion of Risk and Lifestyle Behaviors
    Speaker: Celia Kaplan, DrPh - UCSF
    2:50 - 3:05Break
    3:10 - 3:50Cost-Effectiveness of Screening Mammography by Age, Breast Density and Screening Interval
    Speaker: Natasha K. Stout, PhD - Harvard
    3:50 - 4:30Summary and Closing: Panel Discussion

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