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    Writing the Final Progress Report

    Printer friendly: NIH PHS 2590 Instructions [PDF 289KD]
    According to the PHS 2590 instructions, a “final progress report should include a summary of progress toward the achievement of the originally stated aims, a list of significant results (positive or negative), and a list of publications.” Your progress report should be organized as follows:

    1. original aims;
    2. any changes to the original aims and why;
    3. original hypothesis;
    4. overview of work performed;
    5. significant findings and results from research performed (include any figures or tables);
    6. final results;
    7. human subject information (supported by Inclusion Enrollment Table);
    8. any inventions or patents (if applicable); and
    9. publications/manuscripts that are publicly available
    Instructions from the 2590:
    Specific Aims
    The aims, as actually funded, may differ in scope from those stated in the original, competing application, because of Scientific Review Group (SRG) and Council recommendations and/or budgetary modifications made by the awarding component. If the aims have not been modified, state this. If they have been modified, give the revised aims and the reason for the modification.

    Studies and Results
    Describe the studies directed toward specific aims throughout the grant but especially during the final year and the positive and negative results obtained. If applicable, address any changes to the innovative potential of the project. If technical problems were encountered in carrying out this project, describe how your approach was modified.
    Revisions (formerly Supplements): If applicable, include a separate section(s) describing the results obtained by individuals supported on this grant through various revisions. Examples include Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research, supplements to enhance diversity and Re-entry and/or other similar supplements to support addition of an individual or a discrete project.

    Emphasize the significance of the findings to the scientific field and their potential impact on health.

    Human Subjects (if applicable)
    Report on the inclusion of gender and minority study subjects (using the gender and minority inclusion table as provided in the PHS 2590)

    Report publications resulting directly from this grant that you have not previously reported, including manuscripts submitted or accepted for publication. Provide the complete citation (author(s), title, journal or book, volume, page number, year). For each publication that falls under the Public Access Policy, provide the NIH Manuscript Submission reference number (e.g., NIHMS97531) or the PubMed Central (PMC) reference number (e.g., PMCID234567), at the end of the citation. If the PMCID is not yet available because the Journal submits articles directly to PMC on behalf of their authors, indicate "PMC Journal - In Process." A list of these Journals is posted at:

    The final progress report also should address the following:
    Describe any data, research materials (such as cell lines, DNA probes, etc.), protocols, software, or other information resulting from the research that is available to be shared with other investigators and how it may be accessed.

    If there are any other specific requirements set forth in the terms and conditions of the award they must be addressed in the final progress report as well. Additional information on submitting final progress reports to AHRQ, CDC, FDA and IHS can be obtained from their websites.