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    Procedure for 1st time requests

    NIH No Cost Extension Procedures Main Page

    For questions and help, please contact:
    Sarah Love,
    Grants & Contracts Director

    No-cost extensions are submitted by the signing official (SO) of the institution (Director of Grants and Contracts). If the PI would like to request a no-cost extension, the PI should email the SO with their request- providing a brief explanation of the purpose of the extension, and verifying that all the above conditions as stated in the NIH Grants Policy Statement are met. The PI should also specify the length of time for the extension (3 mos, 6mos, or 12 mos). So long as the conditions are met and there are sufficient funds left in the grant to cover the outstanding work, the SO will proceed with submitting the extension. If there are insufficient funds left to complete the remaining work, the PI and Grants and Contracts Analyst must also prepare and submit a Cost Sharing Worksheet.

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