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    Final Invention Statement

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    Final Invention Statement

    “The Statement shall include all inventions which were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the course of work under the grant or award, from the original effective date of support through the date of completion or termination. The Statement shall include any inventions reported previously for the grant or award as part of a non-competing application.”

    According to the PHS 2590 instructions, a Final Inventions statement must be provided. This statement is made online through era commons. If there are any inventions or patents that are reportable to your grant, you will need the following information in order to complete the online statement:

    1. Grant Project Period
    2. Name of Inventor
    3. Title of Invention
    4. Date Invention was reported to DHHS

    Once you have completed questions 1-4 above, follow the instructions for submitting your report in eRA Commons