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    Notify Grants Office of Proposed Submission

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    For questions and help, please contact:
    Sarah Love,
    Grants & Contracts Director

    Notifying Grants Office of Proposed Submission

    Please notify us of your intent to submit a grant by completing the appropriate internal document below. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat ReaderOpens new window or the Professional version to complete it. If you only have the reader, you can get a free utility called cutepdf which will allow you to print the document into a pdf file.

    The preferred method for submitting the internal document is to email to If you cannot email the document, please fax to 415-600-1681 and email to state that it has been faxed. The Grants Administration team is always available to assist you in completing the forms. Please contact your Grants Administrator, the Grants Coordinator or the Director of Grants and Contracts.

    Notifying the PI: Once your request has been received, it will be entered onto the Grant Submission log sheet and a grants administrator will be assigned. An email will be sent to you and the grants administrator notifying you of the assignment.

    Your Grants Administrator should meet with you or contact you shortly after grant assignment is made. He/she will review the grant process with you, provide you with a list of all documents required, and delineate who is responsible for which documents. The Grants Administrator is available to answer any and all of your questions.