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    Clinical Directors

    Sharon Tyson, Ph.D. is the Chief Psychologist and Director of the Psychology Internship Program at California Pacific Medical Center, a position she has held for the past ten years. Previously, she had been the Director of Psychology Training at St. Mary’s Medical Center since 1989. Her professional areas of interest include working with adolescents, women’s mental health, supervision and psychology training issues, and psychoanalytic theory and practice. She has had a private practice in San Francisco for the past 25 years.

    Kathleen Fahrner, Ph.D. is the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology Training in the Department of Psychiatry at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). She is also employed part-time at the Child Development Center within CPMC where she works individually with children and their parents on developmental, behavioral, and psychiatric issues. She has a special interest in feeding issues and is part of a feeding team that provides assessment and treatment to children referred for feeding difficulties. In addition, she has a private practice in the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic at CPMC where she sees children, adolescents, and adults in individual psychotherapy. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and a Master of Arts in development psychology from San Francisco State University.

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    • Paul Alexander, Ph.D.
    • Linda Bartlett, Ph.D.
    • Walt Beckman, Ph.D.
    • Myra Bernecker, Ph.D.
    • Jeremy Bornstein, Ph.D.
    • Meryl Botkin, Ph.D.
    • Susan Boxer, Ph.D.
    • Paul Chin, M.D.
    • Winston Chung, M.D.
    • William (Carey) Cole, Ph.D.
    • Natalie Compagni-Portis, Psy.D.
    • Vivian Dent, Ph.D.
    • Audrey Dunn, L.C.S.W.
    • Diane Elise, Ph.D.
    • Julie Fraga, Psy.D.
    • Deborah Fletcher, Ph.D.
    • Julie Friend, L.C.S.W.
    • Michael Genhart, Ph.D.
    • Jack Giuliani, Ph.D.
    • Alan Kubler, Ph.D.
    • Uma Lerner, M.D.
    • Hanna Levenson, Ph.D.
    • Karen Lovdahl, Ph.D.
    • Maureen Murphy, Ph.D.
    • Michael Pastor, Ph.D.
    • Sue Saperstein, Psy.D.
    • Peter Straus, Psy.D.
    • Robert Wynne, Ph.D.
    • Janos Zahjaszky, M.D.
    • Alexander Zinchenko, Ph.D.

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