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    CPMC Psychology Supervision, Didactic Instruction and Faculty

    Supervision  |  Didactic Instruction


    Intensive individual supervision is one of the strongest elements of the CPMC internship program. All clinical activities are carefully supervised with four hours of individual supervision and two hours of group supervision per week.

    Primary and Secondary Individual Supervision: Each intern meets with two CPMC on-site licensed psychologist supervisors for face-to-face individual supervision every week. As unlicensed clinicians, interns are expected to bring all cases under their care to supervision on a regular basis (caseload supervision).

    Adjunct Individual Supervision: In addition to meeting each week with their primary and secondary supervisors, interns meet weekly on an individual basis with a minimum of two additional adjunct supervisors for individual supervision. In their relationship with these supervisors, interns can spend more time talking about specific cases in greater depth. Process notes or audiotapes are used to assist in the learning process.

    Group Supervision: Each intern has at least two hours of group supervision provided on site on a weekly basis. Additional hours of group supervision may be provided on a specific training track.


    • Paul Alexander, Ph.D.

    • Linda Bartlett, Ph.D.

    • Walt Beckman, Ph.D.

    • Myra Bernecker, Ph.D.

    • Jeremy Bornstein, Ph.D.

    • Meryl Botkin, Ph.D.

    • Susan Boxer, Ph.D.

    • Whitney Clark, Psy.D.

    • Brianna Coffino, Ph.D.

    • William (Carey) Cole, Ph.D.

    • Vivian Dent, Ph.D.

    • Nancy Drooker, Ph.D.

    • Kathleen Fahrner, Ph.D.

    • Deborah Fletcher, Ph.D.

    • Juli Fraga, Ph.D.

    • Suzanne Giraudo, Ed.D.

    • Jack Giuliani, Ph.D.

    • Julie Friend, LCSW.

    • Michael Genhart, Ph.D.

    • Joe Gumina, Ph.D.

    • Alan Kubler, Ph.D.

    • Lisa Lavaysse, Ph.D.

    • Karen Lovdahl, Ph.D.

    • Ryan McKim, Ph.D.

    • William McMullin, Ph.D.

    • Shana Millstein, Ph.D.

    • Maureen Murphy, Ph.D.

    • Michael Pastor, Ph.D.

    • Sue Saperstein, Psy.D.

    • Celeste Schneider, Ph.D.

    • Peter Straus, Psy.D.

    • Beth Steinberg, Ph.D.

    • Neil Talkoff, Ph.D.

    • Sharon Tyson Ph.D.

    • Susan Woolley, Ph.D.

    • Robert Wynne, Ph.D.

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    Didactic Instruction

    Along with comprehensive supervision, didactic instruction is considered to be one of the strongest features of the CPMC Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology. While training requirements differ somewhat across tracks, all interns spend approximately 8-10 hours per week in didactic training sessions.

    Required classes for all interns include:

    • Applied Ethics
    • Psychopharmacology and Clinical Emergencies
    • Professional Development (includes Program Evaluation)
    • Grand Rounds
    • Diversity
    • Intervention
    • Assessment
    • Consultation
    • Supervision
    • Substance Abuse

    Classes offered to interns on specific training tracks:
    • Women’s Mental Health
    • Couples Therapy
    • Topics in Child Psychotherapy
    • Community-based Child Psychotherapy
    • Child Therapy Theory and Technique
    • Topics in Adult Psychotherapy
    • Psychodynamic Therapy with Inpatients

    Didactic Instructors

    • Victor Bonfilio, Ph.D.

    • Adam Blum, Psy.D.

    • Jeremy Bornstein, Ph.D.

    • Charles Brandes, Ph.D.

    • Winston Chung, M.D.

    • Justin D’Avella, Psy.D.

    • Audrey Dunn, L.C.S.W.

    • Genie Dvorak, Psy.D.

    • Kathleen Fahrner, Ph.D.

    • Qin Fan, Psy.D.

    • Adam Goldyne, M.D.

    • Joe Gumina, Ph.D.

    • Maureen Katz, M.D.

    • Josh Krieger, Psy.D.

    • Loong Kwok, Psy.D.

    • Hanna Levenson, Ph.D.

    • Scott Lingen, Psy.D.

    • Maria Longuemare, M.D.

    • Karen Lovdahl, Ph.D.

    • Catherine Mallouh, M.D.

    • Paula Mandel, Ph.D.

    • Nicole Mayeda, Psy.D.

    • Ryan McKim, Ph.D.

    • Maureen Murphy, Ph.D.

    • Shelley Nathans, Ph.D.

    • Alan Newman, M.D.

    • Lee Rather, Ph.D.

    • Sue Saperstein, Psy.D.

    • Beth Steinberg, Ph.D.

    • Neil Talkoff, Ph.D.

    • Sydney Tan, Psy.D

    • Sharon Tyson, Ph.D.

    • Marc Wallis, LCSW.

    • Elizabeth Weisz, Ph.D.

    • Jade Zapata, M.D.

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