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    How to Apply

    Ten interns will be selected for the 2017-18 training year.

    Qualifications for Prospective Applicants

    Minimum Qualifications
    To be considered for an internship position, applicants must be in a doctoral program in psychology from an APA accredited program. Additionally, all applicants must have completed all coursework, practicum training, and comprehensive exams. Prospective interns must be certified as eligible for internship from their academic training director. Applicants must have a minimum of 500 combined assessment and intervention hours at the practicum level.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    In addition to these basic requirements, we select applicants to interview based on evidence found in their application as well as their references and records that they:

    • Are well prepared by their graduate school in basic aspects in psychology
    • Have solid practicum experience providing intake/assessment, psychotherapy and consultation
    • Are interested in working flexibly with a variety of health care providers
    • Are interested in working in a hospital setting
    • Have experience working with marginalized populations and co-occurring disorders
    • Contribute to the creation of a diverse intern group
    • Bring intellectual rigor and curiosity to their academic and professional pursuits
    • Bring varied life experiences to their clinical pursuits
    • Are interested in expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge base
    • Have a demonstrated interest in psychodynamic theory
    • Embrace scholarly pursuits
    • Exhibit good writing skills
    • Have skills and interest that match CPMC's various training and service opportunities

    In order to be considered as a candidate, all applicants must:

    • Complete and submit the AAPI online application.
    • Submit your application by November 4, 2016, (because this deadline was recently changed, we will keep the AAPI portal open until midnight on November 18th).
    • Applicants are encouraged to apply for one track. Please include your track preference in the beginning of your cover letter in bolded print.
    The tracks are:
    • Adult Inpatient Track
    • Adult Outpatient Track
    • Neuropsychology Track
    • Child Track
    (There may be special instances when an applicant applies for more than one track).

    The adult outpatient and child tracks have areas of concentration. If you are applying to one of these tracks, please state in your cover level your concentration preference(s) in ranked order in bolded print (you may express interest in one or more areas of concentration).
    The areas of concentration are:
    • Adult Outpatient
      • Health Psychology (1 position)
      • Women’s Mental Health (1 position)
      • Program Evaluation/Chief Intern (1 position)
    • Child Track
      • Child Psycho-educational/Neuropsychological Assessment (1 position)
      • Child Psychotherapy and Assessment (1 position)
      • Community-based primary care clinic (fluency in Spanish is highly preferred) (1 position)
      • Pediatric Consultation/Liaison (1 position)
      • Community Health (1 position)

    Selection Process

    Application Review:
    The Selection Committee identifies approximately 60 candidates to interview based on the criteria noted above, in addition to the likelihood that the intern will successfully meet the goals of the internship. Members of the selection committee review the applications and rate them on an Intern Applicant Rating Form.

    Once an applicant is selected for an interview, contact will be made by email to arrange an on-site interview. Applicants are interviewed by the Training Director or the Director of Child Training in addition to meetings with other members of the training staff. Applicants have an opportunity to meet with a current intern and may have the opportunity to observe didactic classes and tour the facility. All interviewees are rated on an Interview Review Form which evaluates applicants on the minimum and desired qualifications in addition to their probability of success in the internship.

    The training directors review the ratings and feedback and create a ranked list for each program track. These ranked lists are submitted to the National Matching Service for the APPIC Match.

    Interviews will be held during December and January. The current interview dates are:

    • Dec. 14
      Adult Program-Neuropsychology
      Child Program-Assessment
    • Dec. 16
      Adult Program-Inpatient Adult Unit
      Child Program-Primary Care (Spanish is required)
    • Dec. 20
      Adult Program-Outpatient/Program Evaluation
      Child Program-Pediatric Consultation
    • Jan.10
      Adult Program-Outpatient/Health Psychology
      Child Program-Outpatient Psychotherapy
    • Jan.13
      Adult Program-Outpatient/Women's Mental Health
      Child Program-Primary Care or School-based
    There may be a few instances when interviews are held outside of the current interview dates. Interviews will typically last from 8:30-2:00pm and will include interviews with CPMC psychologists, meeting with an intern, lunch, tours and question and answer periods.

    APPIC Match

    CPMC will be participating in the APPIC match for the 2017-18 training year. The APPIC number is 2262.

    Interns are required to use APPIC’s AAPI on-line service which allows applicants to complete a standardized internship application to be submitted electronically. Applicants must register for the APPIC match using the online registration system at

    Application materials must include:

    • Completed APPI
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Three letters of reference including at least two from clinical supervisors
    • Official transcripts of all graduate work
    • Cover letter (including a statement of preference for the track(s) offered, statement of interest, training goals, future, and early career professional plans.
    • All application material must be uploaded to the APPI site by November 18, 2016 by midnight. Please note that because of the high volume of application, we prefer that you submit your application by November 4th, 2016.
    Adherence to APPIC Policy
    The CPMC Psychology Internship Program adheres to all APPIC policies regarding the intern application and selection process. At no time will any person within our training agency solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant. Any internship positions that remain open after Phase I of the APPIC Match will be offered in Phase II.

    Contact Information
    For more information please call the CPMC Outpatient Department at 415 600-3247.