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    Physician Link FAQ

    What does it mean to modify my account setup?
    When you were originally issued your token you may not have requested access to all applications available through Physician Link. If you already have a token, but want access to additional applications, please follow the Account Setup Process checking the box called Modify Account Setup at the top of the form.

    These tokens are a nuisance. Why does CPMC insist on requiring tokens when they are not easy to use?
    We take security of patient health information very seriously especially when it is being distributed over the public Internet. Furthermore, HIPAA regulations have necessitated that CPMC and Sutter Health tighten the technical requirements for patient data security. Tokens conform to our internal policies as well as regulations set forth in HIPAA.

    Why do I have to login with the token twice when going from Surgery Scheduling to My Patients?
    This is a technical issue that we are working on improving so that you can have single sign on to Physician Link. In laymen's terms, we don't have the technical infrastructure to support the ability for you to login once with a token and then navigate unencumbered across all functionality offered in Physician Link. If you encounter any problems please contact our Help Desk at 415-600-7000.

    Can I run the My Patients/Phone Directory/On Call applications while at the same time running Surgery Scheduling for web reservations?
    The answer is yes you can run both simultaneously. I'm assuming you will run these in two separate browser session windows. The one caveat is when you login with the token. You may not use the same number on the token twice. What that means is if you login to Surgery Scheduling with the token you must wait until the next number appears before logging in with the token to access My Patients/Phone Directory/On Call.

    I've tried and tried, but can't seem to setup my token?
    The token setup can be a bit tricky. If the directions for setting up your token are not working for you, please contact the CPMC IT Help Desk at 415-600-7000 and we can walk you through the setup.

    I am a Mac user. Does the hospital support Mac computers?
    Unfortunately, at this time Mac is not a supported platform for any of the Physician Link applications. Please consult the Physician Link technical requirements.