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    EHR Donation Program
    Practice Selection Criteria

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    1. Patient panel size
      Recognizes the need to maximize number of patients in the SF Community whose data resides in electronic format. Scoring would be based on relative sizes of same specialty practices already on the EHR.
    2. Open practice status
      Recognizes the benefit of an open practice to the community and to increasing number of patients with digitized data
    3. Practice sustainability plan
      Recognizes younger physicians or older physicians with immediate recruitment plans
    4. Underserved patients in practice (weight)
      Based on XX% of patients in practice who are covered under Medi-Cal or a managed Medi-Cal plan.
    5. Specialty contribution to complete community EHR
      Emphasizes appropriate balance of primary care and individual specialties which maximizes quality and efficiency of care delivered
    6. All physicians in the practice applying must be members of either the California Pacific or the St. Lukes medical staff
      (immediate disqualification if does not meet)