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    EHR Donation Program
    Key Provisions

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    • California Pacific Medical Center selected Brown & Toland Physician Services Organization (BTPSO) as its vendor for the donation program (agreement through 12/31/13).

    • Donation includes Allscripts EHR and necessary practice management software in an Application Services Provider (ASP) model; excludes practice's hardware/network costs.

    • Implementation prerequisite checklist and IT assessment for technical infrastructure completed prior to start of implementation

    • Donation Program Participating Physicians:

      • California Pacific or St. Luke's medical staff

      • No prior EHR acquired

      • Execute a 3-year IT Services Agreement with BTPSO and 3-year Donation
    • Agreement with California Pacific, as vendor, BTPSO will receive $1,611 per month per Participating Physician (includes costs of all supporting office and clinical staff)

      • California Pacific donation is 82% or $1,321/month per MD

      • Participating Physician share is 18% or $290/month per MD

      • All participating physician payments to be sent to CPMC who pays the vendor (BTPSO) a 3 month deposit by participating physician required to initiate installation (3 x $290 = $870 per MD)

      • Participating Physician termination fee equals 15% of all remaining contract obligation to end of term; ability to buy an "option" at contract signing for early termination post 12/31/13.
    • Participating Physicians to sign agreements with:

      • California Pacific for the donation

      • BTPSO for the technology services
    • California Pacific to establish an Advisory Committee to prioritize donations

      • Develop objective criteria for prioritizing applicants to the donation program

      • Submit recommend prioritization ofparticipating physicians to California Pacific Executive Management based on criteria

      • BTPSO as technical advisor to committee
    • Items and Services excluded from the EHR Donation Program

      The following items and services provided by BTPSO to the Physician are not included as part of the ERR Items and Services provided as part of the California Pacific ERR Donation Program. The Physician agrees that he or she is solely responsible for all costs associated with receiving the following items and services. Neither the compensation provided by California Pacific under the ERR Vendor Agreement, nor the Physician's Contribution under the ERR Donation Agreement, will be used as compensation for these items and services.

      • Billing Information Capture - Provide system maintenance including loading all payor contracts, fee schedules, provider numbers, and any special payor arrangements for practice that requires secure system administrator access to perform function

      • Reporting - Produce additional ad hoc or specialized reports
    • EHR Items and Services included in EHR Donation Program

      BTPSO will provide Physician with the integrated application supporting practice management and clinical operations which includes a web framework that allows access to the Physician and Physician's Users, the GE Centricity Business Solutions practice management software, the Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Touchworks Electronic Health Record software, electronic data interchange (EDI) HIPAA compliant transactions for 835/837 and 270/271 transmissions, physician web sites with patient portal features, and standard financial and clinical reporting. Specific functionality for the integrated application is outlined below.

      • Access Management Suite

        1. Patient Online

        2. Enterprise Index

        3. Enterprise Wide Scheduling
        • Physician Homebase -an integrated portal to provider information

        • Workflow - an office automation product featuring Workflow integration tools and essential task management features

        • Rx+ - an ambulatory medication management and prescription communication tool featuring DUR checking and plan-specific formularies

        • Document - a tool set that gives healthcare providers quick and easy access to medical documents, combined with Workflow, it provides an organizational Workflow system that streamlines task management

        • Order -an order management tool for ambulatory order, diagnostic results, and reports repository

        • Note - supports structured clinical note creation, inbound transcription, structured data entry, and clinical correspondence

        • Dictate - offers physicians a quick and easy way to dictate, review and approve medical documents from remote locations

        • Pocket Library - provides a library of reference and patient care information on a handheld PDA device

        • Scan - Imaging technology that converts paper documents into the electronic medical records.
      • Patient Financial Suite

        1. Billing Accounts & Receivable

        2. Enterprise Task Management

        3. Transaction Editing System

        4. Credit Card Integration

        5. Advanced Web

        6. Managed Care

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