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    The Brown & Toland PPS solution is an integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record system. We do not create unique interfaces with other practice management systems as this was determined as a very costly and high maintenance approach that would also create longer term issues as we made additional investments to enhance the solution.

    Physicians that select the Brown & Toland Physicians solution have three options regarding AR follow up:

    1. Use internal AR staff that are implemented, trained and supported on the solution by Brown & Toland Physicians staff. Many practices have internal staff performing this function today and this solution becomes their new solution for AR follow up.

    2. Investigate the willingness of the practice’s current AR follow up entity to use the Brown and Toland Physicians Solution to perform the AR function. We have attached the technical requirements document for this external billing entity to review if this is determined to be an option. Brown & Toland Physicians would support this entity as if they are staff within your practice.

    3. Evaluate and select one of the billing entities that use the Brown & Toland Physicians platform for AR follow up. A list of these solutions is also attached. This list has been compiled as other offices have investigated and implemented the second option.

    We also have a small group of practices that have elected not to use the AR solution and have a paper based process in place with an external billing entity or that continue to use their current practice management system for AR follow up. This is not a recommended approach due to the increased cost and inefficiencies created. We have attached a document for review so that any practice that wants to evaluate this option can make an informed decision. We do not make pricing concessions when this option is selected.

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