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    Faculty Spotlight

    David Goldberg, M.D. Residency Training Director and Acting Chair
    Dr. Goldberg joined California Pacific Medical Center as the training director in 2000. He is a nationally prominent career educator who has been involved with residency education for 25 years (primarily at the University of Connecticut and in numerous national contexts). Dr. Goldberg is committed to the highest quality integrated psychiatric education in an atmosphere of support and community, excitement about learning, and rigor. He has been a national leader of residency training directors for many years and has specific expertise in psychotherapy education.

    Joule Adler, M.D.
    Attending psychiatrist and member of the core faculty. Dr. Adler attended medical school at the University of California, Irvine and residency at Boston Medical Center. Her psychiatry experience include poster presenter on Intrathymic lymphoma and Ophelia syndrome, medical student teaching of advanced psychopathology and phenomenology course. Areas of expertise include psychosomatic medicine and cross-cultural psychiatry.

    H. Paul Chin, M.D. Faculty, Consultation Psychiatry Service
    Dr. Chin is a member of the Core Faculty and Attending psychiatrist on the Inpatient service.
    He teaches didactic teaching in Emergency Psychiatry, Psychosomatics, Cross-Cultural Psychiatry. He is a Caseload Supervisor for the PGY-4 residents. Dr. Chin received his BS at Stanford University, his Medical Degree at the University of California at San Francisco and UCSF Department of Psychiatry (Residency).

    Winston Chung, M.D. Faculty, Director, Medical Student Education
    As an attending psychiatrist and member of the core faculty Dr. Chung supervises resident and psychology interns on the inpatient unit, consultation service and also provides outpatient caseload supervision for PGY3 residents. Dr. Chung is the psychiatry clerkship site director for Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Chung attended graduate and medical school at the University of Illinois, and adult psychiatry residency and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UCSF.

    Kathleen Fahrner, PhD - Director, Child & Family Psychology Training
    Dr. Fahrner runs the Child/Adolescent program for the psychology interns.

    Uma Lerner, MD - Core Faculty and Attending Psychiatrist on the Inpatient and Davies Consult services.
    She attended medical school at the Baylor College of Medicine, completed internship in the Baylor-Menninger Department of Psychiatry and residency at UCSF. Dr. Lerner teaches the introduction to psychotherapy seminars and provides psychotherapy supervision. Her areas of expertise also include women's mental health and cross cultural psychiatry.

    Hanna Levenson, PhD - Director, Brief Psychotherapy Program
    Dr. Levenson leads a group supervision and seminar in Brief, Dynamic psychotherapy for PGY-3 residents as part of the Outpatient rotation. She has been on the Psychiatry Core faculty since 1991. Dr. Levenson trained in personality theory and social psychology at Claremont University, she became a tenured Associate Professor at Texas A&M University. Realizing her love of psychology extended beyond the classroom, Dr. Levenson “retreaded” into clinical psychology, obtaining post-graduate training at the University of Florida, Coral Gables, then interning at Langley Porter Institute (UCSF Medical School) in 1976. She is a national expert in teaching Brief Psychotherapy.

    James R. McCurdy, M.D. - Vice Chairman
    Vice Chair and active in supervising residents and provides special expertise in geriatric psychiatry. Dr. McCurdy attended University of Iowa, College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA. He completed his residency at Letterman Army Medical Center, San Francisco.

    Prapti Mehta, M.D. Director, Women's Mental Health
    Attending psychiatrist and member of the core faculty. Dr. Mehta received her medical degree from the University of Alabama in 2003. Completed her residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell in 2007 and subsequently worked as the director of Bellevue Hospital clinic. She moved to the Bay Area in 2009 and took a position at the Oakland VA setting up a PTSD clinic. She joined the faculty at CPMC in January 2011. She has a number of interests in psychiatry, including setting up the Women’s health program, psychodynamic psychotherapy, prolonged exposure therapy and resident education. She currently teaches the first year interviewing course.

    Robert A. Root, M.D. - Associate Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Dr. Root trained at the Yale University School of Medicine and then the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center for his psychiatry residency. Dr. Root completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Seattle Children’s’ Hospital. Dr. Root is currently the medical director of the training program for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He also teaches a weekly seminar. He works closely with the Department of Pediatrics and is a consultant to the Child Development Center at CPMC. He supervises residents and psychology interns in child and adult psychiatry.

    Jeanne St. Pierre, M.D.
    Dr. St. Pierre graduated from the UCSF School of Medicine and completed residency training at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute with an emphasis in HIV Psychiatry, severe personality disorder and women’s mental health. Dr. St. Pierre was the Team leader unit chief on the HIV/LGBT Focus Unit at San Francisco General Hospital from 2004-2008 before joining the Department of Psychiatry at CPMC. Other professional interests include emergency psychiatry, dialectical behavior therapy, and substance dependence. At present I teach the CPMC emergency psychiatry course and part of the second-year psychopharmacology curriculum. As the director of the CPMC Psychiatric Emergency Service I supervise resident consultation to the emergency department.

    Sharon Tyson, PhD
    Dr. Tyson assists the Medical director in the Outpatient Clinic with administrative and clinical responsibilities for psychiatric residents and psychology interns; assists the Chief Resident with assignment of clinical cases; participation in Outpatient staff meetings with psychology interns and residents. Dr. Tyson attended the University of Michigan, B.A. in Honors College, California School of Professional Psychology, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is the Director of the Psychology Internship program.

    Michael N. Valan, M.D. - Director, Consultation Psychiatry Service
    Medical Director of the Psychosomatic Medicine, course director of the Psychosomatic Medicine seminar, Off-ward supervisor for the PGY-2 residents, Caseload supervisor for PGY-3 residents in the Outpatient Psychiatry clinic.

    Dongmei Yue, M.D.
    Dr. Yue is a staff psychiatrist and a member of the Core Faculty. She supervises residents on a weekly basis for their outpatient cases. She teaches child psychiatry courses for PGY-2 and 3 residents. Supervises PGY-2 residents for their child psychiatry rotation at the Child Development Center at CPMC.

    Janos Zahajszky, M.D.
    Dr. Zahajszky is the Medical Director of the Outpatient Psychiatry clinic. Dr. Zahajszky received his medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He completed his adult psychiatry residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is the director of the Outpatient clinic and teaches part of the PGY-2 psychopharmacology course.