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    Internal Medicine Residency Program

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    Frequently Asked Questions: Other Important Details

    For your convenience, we have prepared the following questions and answers frequently raised by applicants. Please click on a question to be presented with the answer.

    Jacklyn Katz, MD, Sarah Haserodt, MD, & Stacie Nishimoto, MD
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    What is the PGY-1 salary?

    The intern salary for the 2017-18 academic year will be $58,911.42
    Benefits include standard health, dental and vision insurance. These are at no cost to the house staff.

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    Are there any additional education funds?

    Additional funds currently include one-time reimbursement of $400 for Blackberries, Smart Phones, IPhones, IPads, or any other electronic device that keeps you connected to CPMC. This can be used for medical care/education in the PGY-1 Year.

    Combined with the Departments of Medicine & Graduate Medical Education, residents are entitled to $600.00 for the purchase of books per year. It is suggested that Med study books be purchased with this allowed fund. It is not mandatory but highly suggested.

    If a resident or intern is first author on an abstract accepted for oral or poster presentation at a regional or national meeting (see scholarly activity page for more information on our excellent track record in this area), travel, food and lodging and meeting registration will be reimbursed by our department of Graduate Medical Education. Many of our interns and residents take advantage of these funds. Some residents present different posters or talks at more than one meeting each year. The maximum funding per year is $2,000 – extremely generous for any program in the United States. All R3s are also allowed to attend one national meeting (ACP, SGIM, ACC, etc.) and may use up to $2,000 for expenses generated by attending.

    For Categorical R2’s, the Department of Medicine will register and pay the expense for American College of Physician’s (ACP) membership and the purchase of MKSAP.
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    How much vacation time is permitted?

    Three weeks per year. In addition, there is a one week period of unpaid leave between the R-1 and R-2 years.


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    How is California Pacific Medical Center doing financially?

    Despite challenging economic times, CPMC continues to do well financially- it is one of the most financially stable hospitals in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The medical center is currently planning to build a new hospital in the near future at an estimated cost of $2 billion.

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    Will I get to work in the new hospital while I am a resident?

    The construction of our new hospital began in 2014 and is estimated to be completed in 2020. You can view the renderings of our new facility at

    Relaxing at Lake Tahoe

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    What is there to do outside the hospital?

    San Francisco's climate, surrounding natural landscape and its diverse and tolerant inhabitants helps define it as one of the world's most livable cities. You will never experience a lack of fun and interesting things to do here. There are many outdoor activities such as: surfing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking and sea kayaking and eating (people love to eat in San Francisco). Local events include: street fairs, concerts, theater and parades. Of course, one can simply take a deep breath and relax in one of the many parks or cafés. You can also go wine tasting (but please bring a designated driver). The closest ski area, of the many in the Sierras, is only 3 hours from San Francisco.

    A day in the Wine Country

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    Can I come back to CPMC for a second look after my first interview day?

    Yes! We welcome "Second looks" warmly! Wear your name tag and you are invited to go on rounds, talk with house officers, and attend any conference you find of interest. If you wish to spend more than one day in order to get an in-depth picture of our program, that can also be arranged. Please try and give us at least 48 hours notice if you wish to visit a second or even third time.

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    Is your program in compliance with the ACGME work hour regulations?

    Yes. But even though shifts are shorter, our residents still work hard, take care of lots of diverse patients and work great in tight knit teams.

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