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    Outpatient Clinics

    General Endocrine Clinic

    Fellows have two continuity clinic sessions per week, on Tuesday morning and Thursday morning. The fellows have their own schedules and emphasis is placed on continuity of care. In the continuity clinic, the fellows see patients with a variety of endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease, adrenal disease, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, PCOS and diabetes mellitus. For more information about the CPMC Endocrine clinical services visit

    Diabetes Clinic

    Fellows participate in the Diabetes Clinic at CPMC’s Center for Diabetes Services every Monday. The Center for Diabetes Services is a recognized education program by the American Diabetes Association. The multidisciplinary team at the Diabetes Clinic includes Registered Nurses, Registered Dieticians, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working together to provide comprehensive diabetes care, education, nutritional advice, and support in a friendly atmosphere. In addition to the variety of diabetes and clinical services, the center offers self-management educational programs and research opportunities. For more information about the CPMC Diabetes Center visit

    FNA Biopsy and Ultrasound Clinic

    During FNA clinic, fellows learn formal neck ultrasonogram techniques in order to visualize thyroid nodules, parathyroid glands, and neck lymph nodes for 1) post-operative thyroid cancer surveillance, 2) fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules and suspected parathyroid adenomas, and 3) suspicious lymph nodes in patients with a prior history of thyroid cancer. Three to four FNA biopsies are typically performed during each half day clinic. Fellows learn to prepare specimens using both air dried and alcohol-fixed slides for standard cytologic examination, as well as for gene expression classification when indicated. First year fellows have FNA clinic every Friday morning. Second year fellows have FNA clinic Wednesday afternoon every other month.

    Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic

    Fellows see patients in Bone Clinic throughout their two years of fellowship. The second year fellows have Bone clinic every Friday morning, while the first year fellow have Bone Clinic Thursday afternoons every other month

    Other Outpatient Clinic experiences

    First year fellows have scheduled clinic sessions at our Diabetes and Pregnancy Program as well as the Reproductive Endocrine Clinic. For more information about the Diabetes and Pregnancy Programs at CPMC visit and Pregnancy.

    Second year fellows have scheduled clinic sessions at our Weight management clinic and our Pediatric Endocrine Clinic. For more information about the Pediatric Endocrine clinic at CPMC visit