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    For Health Professionals: Oncology Summit 2014

    Join us for a CME event on December 5-6, 2014, Oncology Summit 2014, to discuss the latest therapy approaches for cancers including melanoma, colorectal, gynecologic, breast, liver and pancreas. Keynote speaker Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD will present on “Fulfilling the Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy.” See the web page and brochure for more details.

    Subject-based & Case-Based CME Conferences

    Department chairs or designated physicians in charge of CME for their departments select speakers and topics based on:

    1. Demonstrated need (based on external measurements: QA, patient surveys, tests)

    2. Expressed need (based on physician surveys or suggestions)

    3. Presumed need (based on basic curriculum, new developments, opinion and experience of program planners)