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    CME Monthly Calendar March 2018

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    Monthly Calendar

    Thursday, March 1
    Cardiology, 7:30am (4)
    Neuro-Oncology 12pm, Brian Andrews, M.D.; Lewis Leng, M.D. (10)

    Friday, March 2
    Orthopaedics, 7:15am (1)
    Pediatrics, 9am, Kail Tileston, M.D. (1)
    "Scoliosis Review"
    Gyn/Oncology/Pathology, 12pm, Jenta Shen, M.D. (3)
    "Recurrent Ovarian Clear Cell Cancer"

    Monday, March 5
    GU Tumor Bd, 7:30am (10)
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am, Tatyana Milman, M.D. (15)
    "Periocular Sebaceous Neoplasm"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm (10)

    Tuesday, March 6
    OB/GYN, 8am, Heidi Wittenberg, M.D. (1)
    "Transcendent – Below the Belt"
    Psychiatry, 11:30am, Jeremy Willsey, Ph.D. (17)
    "Autism: From Genes to Neurobiology"
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 7
    Medicine, 12pm, Phillip Coffin, M.D. (2)
    "Opioid Stewardship, Naloxone, Buprenorphine"
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology, 12:30pm, Timothy Williamson, M.D. (4)
    "Pulmonary Hypertension: Past, Present, Future"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 8
    Cardiology, 7:30am (4)
    Gastroenterology, 12pm, Nikhil Agarwal, M.D. (17)
    "Management of Achalasia"
    Neuro-Radiology, 1pm, Drs. Jerome Barakos & Amy Huang (5)

    Friday, March 9
    Pediatrics, 9am, Mazen Abbas, DO (1)
    "Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in the Pediatric Patient"

    Monday, March 12
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am, Marc Lieberman, M.D. (15)
    "Pediatric Glaucoma Care in the 21st Century"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm (10)

    Tuesday, March 13
    HPB Tumor Bd, 7:30am (9)
    Psychiatry, 11:30am, Sarah Hammill, LCSW (17)
    "Mapping Multidimensional Traumatic Exposure"
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 14
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 15
    Cardiology, 7:30am (4)
    Gastroenterology, 12pm, Gavin Park, M.D. (17)
    "Chronic Pancreatitis"
    Neurovascular/Neurointerventional 1pm, Drs. Charlene Chen & Joey English (16)

    Friday, March 16
    Pediatrics, 9am, Paula Hillard, M.D. (1)
    "Abnormal Bleeding in Adolescents"

    Monday, March 19
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am, Rona Silkiss, M.D. (15)
    "Aesthetics for Ophthalmologist"
    Melanoma Tumor Board, 12pm (10)

    Tuesday, March 20
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 21
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Medicine, 12pm, Anthony Yin, M.D. (2)
    "Clinical Pathologic Case Presentation"
    Cardiology, 12:30pm, Miguel Leal, M.D. (4)
    "Vasovagal Syncope & Cardiac Pacing – What is the Evidence?"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 22
    Cardiology, 7:30am (4)
    Colorectal/GI Tumor Board, 12pm (9)
    Neurosciences, 12pm, Liberty Jenkins, M.D. (17)
    "Autoimmune Myositis: An Update"
    Gastroenterology, 12pm, Robert Wong, M.D. (17)
    "Disparities in Access to HCV Treatment"

    Friday, March 23
    No CME Events

    Monday, March 26
    Ophthalmology Conference, 7:45am, Kasra Eliasieh, M.D. (16)
    "Lions Eye Clinic"
    Melanoma Tumor Bd, 12pm (10)
    Hepatology, 12pm, Jennifer Ling, M.D. (17)
    "Pulmonary Infections after Liver Transplantation"

    Tuesday, March 27
    HPB Tumor Bd, 7:30am (9)
    Cardiology, 12:30pm (4)

    Wednesday, March 28
    Breast Cancer Bd, 12pm (10 & 3)
    Cardiology, 12:30pm, Tom Bersot, M.D. (4)
    "Plasma Lipid Management Updates"
    Thoracic Tumor Bd, 1pm (10)

    Thursday, March 29
    Cardiology, 7:30am (4)
    Gastroenterology, 12pm, Justin Yu, M.D. (17)
    "Epidemiology and Clinical Predictor of H. Pylori Infection"

    Friday, March 30
    Pediatrics, 9am, Ben Meisel M.D. (1)
    "Update on CCS"
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    Location Codes

    (1) Bothin, California Campus
    (2) Medical Education Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (3) Conference Rooms A, B, C, Cal Campus
    (4) Cardiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (5) Radiology Conference Rm, Pac Campus
    (6) West Wing Board Rm, Cal Campus
    (7) Spivey Rm, Pacific Campus
    (8) Neurology Conference Room, Pac Campus
    (9) Board Room, Pacific Campus
    (10) Radiation/Oncology Conf Rm, Pac Campus
    (11) IHH/2040 Webster St, Pac Campus
    (12) Doctor's Dining Room, Pacific Campus
    (13) Drs' Dining Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (14) Pathology Conference Rm, Pacific Campus
    (15) 2100 Webster Street, Ste 106, Pac Campus
    (16) Auditorium, Davies Campus
    (17) Conference Rm Level A, Pacific Campus
    (18) 2340 Clay, Rm 121, Pacific Campus
    (19) Stanford Bldg, Room 309, Pac Campus
    (20) Conf B1, Davies Campus
    (21) Cafeteria, St. Luke's Campus
    (22) Griffin Room, St. Luke's Campus
    (23) 2100 Webster St, Board Room, Pac Campus

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